The Flir TZ20 mounted to the DJI M300 RTK
The FLIR Vue TZ20 mounted to the DJI M300 RTK

FLIR has long been an innovator in the field of producing high quality thermal imaging systems. Their cutting edge technology always impresses and their products are designed with the needs of their customers in mind. FLIR has just introduced their latest product–the FLIR VUE TZ20. This system has a lot going for it including high compatibility, multiple zoom options, and high IP rating. But what makes this sensor most exciting is its use of two different thermal sensors and lenses of differing focal lengths to create the effective equivalent of a thermal zoom camera!

Clear view of both lenses on the TZ20.
The new FLIR Vue TZ20 achieves a zoom effect by combining two thermal sensors- one with a 4.9mm wide angle lens and the other with a longer 24mm lens.


FLIR designed the TZ20 using DJI’s PSDK software. This software allows clients like FLIR to get the absolute most out of DJI’s flight systems and create a product that works seamlessly with their flight controller. Because of this high level of collaboration between DJI and FLIR, the TZ20 is a plug and play solution for those using the DJI Matrice 200 models as well as the Matrice 300. This fully integrated system takes full advantage of the Matrice 300’s RTK capabilities giving users the most precise data possible.

The FLIR Vue TZ20 works seamlessly with the DJI Matrice 200 and 300 series of drones.

Because the TZ20 was developed with DJI’s PSDK software, the imagining and data collection taken from the payload can be controlled via the flight controller. Through the DJI Go APP, you have access to all of the FLIR Vue TZ20’s functions using the same controller and flight system that you are accustomed to using.

Diverse Imaging Capabilities

The defining feature of the TZ20 is its’ zoom capabilities. This thermal imaging system features two 640 x 512 Boson Thermal sensors. One of these high quality sensors is used with a 4.9mm wide angle lens giving users a 95º field of view for maximum situational awareness. This wide angle lens is especially useful for missions that require observing a large area of open space. The second sensor works in concert with a longer 24mm lens, offering an 18º field of view. The zoom capabilities on the TZ20 are its’ major selling point. This powerful system can deliver the equivalent of up to 5x optical zoom and 20x digital zoom. Being able to zoom in on objects or individuals from a great distance allows for clear imaging from far away.

FLIR Vue TZ20 Inforgraphic

High IP Rating

With the main focus of the TZ20 being public safety workers, knowing that this gimbal system can work in high stress environments is vitally important. The TZ20 features an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 44. This lightweight unit (less than 1 ½ pounds) is protected against solid objects as small as 1 millimeter in diameter and water splashes from any angle. Those working in Fire Safety will find this unit’s protection from water to be a necessary function.

Use Cases

The TZ20 is being marketed to public safety workers including Search and Rescue, Fire Safety, and Law Enforcement. With this in mind, the TZ20 does not offer radiometry and therefore does not show specific temperature readings with imaging. Those working in industry inspection who need to know exact temperatures of surfaces will not be fully served by this system.

However, for those working in Search and Rescue or Law Enforcement, this system’s qualitative thermal capabilities will be more than enough to suit their needs. The wide field of view allows large areas to be searched in a small amount of time while the zoom function enables users to focus their attention on fine details. Whether searching for lost people in a large area or inspecting suspicious activity, the TZ20 is a capable tool.

The zoom capability of the TZ20 allows Law Enforcement and Public Safety operators to observe from a distance.

The TZ20 is a great collaboration between two industry leaders–DJI and FLIR. Anybody who works in public safety will definitely want to upgrade their Matrice with this useful resource.

The FLIR Vue TZ20 paired with the DJI M300 RTK is a powerful combination.

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