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Fire Fighting Drones

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Drones (especially those with drone tethers and infrared cameras) can be extremely beneficial for firefighters. Thermal imaging from the aerial perspective allows Incident Command to see through smoke to direct streams to hot spots or direct and monitor Rescue Companies during entry. We specialize in cost-effective thermal drone solutions for fire departments all over the country. Our thermal experts have been developing solutions for these professionals for over half a decade.

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Applications for Firefighting Drones

Real Life Applications For Fire Fighting Drones

Fire departments are seeing large benefits from the use of drones during structure fires and search and rescue missions. In the case of a structure fire, when first arriving on the scene, the drone can be deployed to assess the scene, before the firefighters are put in harms way. When equipped with a thermal camera, the drone can show operators where the hotspots are, and also have the ability to see through smoke and in low light conditions. The thermal camera can then allow operators to monitor crew members and conditions, improving efficiency and safety. The drone can also be equipped with a spotlight to assist firefighters in dark or low light conditions. After the smoke has cleared, drones can also aid in the critical work of assessing the damage, whether it be from a fire or other natural disasters. Drones allow firefighters to quickly and effectively scout out dangerous fires, observe and monitor a large blaze and the surrounding area and more.

Thermal Drone Assisting Firefighters on the Scene
Drone Assists Water Rescue
How Firefighters Are Using Drones

Learn About The Products and Technology

The demands required of a firefighting and rescue drone are high, and narrow the field considerably in terms of which aircraft and equipment are capable of performing the work. One drone that is a perfect fit for firefighting is the Matrice 210 V2, dual equipped with the Zenmuse XT2 thermal camera and the Zenmuse Z30 visual camera. The XT2 thermal camera provides the essential ability for firefighters to see through the smoke to monitor hotspots, and manage ground crew operations. Additionally, the 30Hz full frame refresh rate of the XT2 ensure that operators have as clear an image of the scene and crew as possible, with less motion blur, to enable the firefighting team to make precise, timely and well informed decisions.The Z30 visual camera is perfect for getting an overview of the scene, and with a 30x optical zoom, with an additional 6x digital zoom, the Z30 is unparalleled in its ability to provide operators with accurate and specific detail that will allow for improved precision and safety. The Z30 is also perfect for search and rescue missions, with the TapZoom feature which allows operators to simply tap on a point of interest on the control screen causing the Zenmuse Z30 to automatically adjusting its focal length to give an enlarged view, making even distant and minute details visible in just seconds.Another key feature of the Matrice 210 V2 is its weather and water resistance. The M210 is able to fly in windy, wet conditions, with an IP43 rating, and max wind speed resistance of 39.4 ft/s. This, in conjunction with the IP44 rating of the XT2, both aircraft and camera are equipped to handle the rigors of a firefighting scene, where spray from fire hoses, and wind created by both water and fire are just part of the job. The Matrice 210 V2 provides added safety and performance features over the previous version, making it an ideal choice in the situations faced by a firefighting drone. These improvements include an enhanced intelligent control system, flight performance, and add flight safety and data security features.

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