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Search and Rescue Drones

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Whether in response to a disaster earthquake event, a missing hiker, or a boater in distress, the capabilities of a remote-controlled aerial vehicle to search large areas quickly and efficiently with high definition video and thermal video regardless of ground conditions make search and rescue operations much more efficient and effective. Locating injured and distressed persons and coordinating response by ground teams to those persons is often the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of search and rescue incident response. Drones can search large areas quickly, identify a person in distress by thermal signature, assess their status, and environment with high definition video, and communicate in real time to ground resources the location of the victim, ground accessibility conditions, and other information critical to ground resource assets trying to reach victims. Check out the brand new DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Drone with FLIR thermal!

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Real Life Applications for Search and Rescue Drones

Drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras can cover large areas much faster than ground crews and can be deployed much quicker and at a fraction of the cost than traditional manned aircraft. We specialize in cost-effective FLIR thermal drone solutions for SAR missions that can be deployed in minutes. Our thermal UAV experts have been developing solutions and consulting with Search and Rescue professionals for over half a decade.Drones provide mission-critical information from their aerial vantage point and can be deployed quickly at any scene. When equipped with an infrared (thermal) camera and a zoom camera such as the Z30 a drone can be used to quickly locate a subject and then zoom in to check their status.

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Forward-looking infrared (FLIR) cameras detect infrared, or thermal (heat) radiation, emitted from a heat source, and then put together a video image with the assembled data. The heat source could be something like an engine, a fire, or a warm body. In search and rescue, this means that as long as there is a living body emitting heat, the infrared camera will pick up the image, night or day, allowing operators to spot the person in distress. This also means that infrared cameras would be less useful in picking one person out of a crowd, in which case a zoom camera would be the tool of choice. In cases, for instance, of missing hikers, where large areas of territory need to be covered in the search and rescue operation, animal bodies emitting heat could be a potential confounding factor. However, most infrared cameras produce a clear enough image, usually aided by digital image processing, to give a fairly accurate idea of the shape of the body in view. A 4K camera and an infrared camera would commonly both be installed on a search and rescue drone, to allow the operators to select the most useful tool in a given situation.

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