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We Know Professional Drones

Established in 2012, DSLRPros has been assisting police, fire departments, search and rescue teams, inspection services, agriculture crop inspectors, and educational institutions to launch their own drone programs. From infrared camera drones finding missing persons to multispectral agriculture drones identifying crop stress, we know the efficient power of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). DSLRPros is the go-to commercial drone shop for organizations looking to harness the possibilities of infrared, zoom, or agriculture drones. Call us to learn more (877) 299-1075

DJI Matrice, Zenmuse, Mavic 2, Parrot Bluegrass, Bebop, ANAFI Work For Sale

DSLRPros is an authorized DJI Enterprise, FLIR Thermal Drone and Parrot master distributor located in Chatsworth, California. We provide professional drone packages for police, search & rescue, commercial inspection, agriculture, and security organizations. Contact us to learn how we can help start your UAV Fleet.

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