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Thermal Drones Lineup

Browse our drone bundles, thermal cameras, and industry use cases below. Learn about the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, Matrice 200 V2 series and Zenmuse XT2 infrared packages below.


Thermal Drones In Public Safety

Drone technology has become a powerful tool in public safety. Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are being used to help save lives in response to many situations, including search and rescue missions, law enforcement crime scenes and emergency response to natural disasters like fires or other dangerous scenarios. One of the most impactful developments in drones for this purpose is the adoption of thermal imaging sensors.  UAS with thermal cameras can be used during nighttime conditions when temperatures are low enough to make infrared radiation detectable by the drone's sensor.  They can also be used in situations where it is too dangerous for personnel to be present. Thermal imaging drones can see through smoke, making them incredibly useful when looking for people who may have been trapped or lost in a fire situation, including wildfires and other disasters.  They can also help identify hazardous materials leaks at chemical plants or gas stations by getting a clear picture of the scene.

Thermal imaging drones are being used to help save lives in search and rescue operations by locating missing people or stranded hikers, hunters, skiers or other victims lost outdoors.  The drones can fly overhead during day or night conducting a thorough search for heat signals indicating possible survivors using an infrared camera.

Public safety agencies with drone programs are saving lives and property - and drones equipped with thermal cameras are a big reason for that.

Thermal Drones in Inspection

Beyond public safety applications, drones with thermal imaging cameras are changing the face of industrial and energy inspection.  This equipment is being used to reduce cost and increase safety and efficiency in construction and energy inspection and the inspection of critical infrastructures like bridges, power lines, wind turbines, solar farms, roof and pipeline inspections, and more.

State-of-the-art aerial vehicles like the DJI Matrice 300 RTK are equipped with payloads like the FLIR TZ20-R that provide high-resolution thermal images in flight that can help operators in the field identify faults in these structures before they become dangerous problems.

Thermal Drones in Agriculture

The benefits of drones in agriculture have been well documented, but beyond monitoring crop and plant health, drones can also keep track of livestock with thermal cameras. In flight, a drone with thermal imaging capabilities is a powerful tool for monitoring many different types of wildlife. Thermal cameras can detect the heat signature from an animal at a distance, providing drone pilots with data they otherwise wouldn't be able to gather.

Sheep and cattle spend extended periods of time out in large fields and pastures. Monitoring the location of herds and flocks consumes a lot of time and resources.

Tracking and monitoring livestock with UAVs allows for a wide range of management activities, including pasture utilisation, assessing and responding to livestock behavior, and planning grazing distribution.

Monitoring the animals' health is another benefit of this technology. Drones can spot certain health maladies, which could allow for preemptive treatment before any illnesses spread. Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) in cattle is a common livestock disease that leads to lethargy and loss of appetite. Sheep suffering from intestinal parasites commonly lose weight, develop diarrhea, and become weak. Visually examining large samples of animals, such as farm animals, can identify these signs of disease. UAVs can also measure vital information like weight, size, and activity level.

Drones allow farmers to easily verify the security of their herd whenever they want. Drone operators can quickly check in on animals in order to determine if any are missing or injured, as well as monitor pregnant animals.

Thermal imaging helps spot predators that could injure or kill farm animals. This will ensure peace of mind for farm owners.


Browse DSLRPros’ thermal drone bundles, cameras, and industry use cases below. Learn about the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, Matrice 300 RTK - Zenmuse H20T, EVO II Dual R, FLIR Vue TZ20-R and the Matrice 200 V2 - Zenmuse XT2 packages below.

Thermal Drones and Cameras (Infrared)

DSLRPros’ thermal drone lineup consists of the best drone thermal imaging technology to meet different price points and use cases. Our selection includes a lineup from FLIR, Autel, and DJI to provide our UAS users with the absolute best in infrared thermal imaging solutions, weather resistance, flight time, and overall capability. 877.299.1075

Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced
Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced


  • Max Flight Time: 31 Min
  • Max Transmission Distance: 6.2 Miles
  • Max Speed: 45 MPH
  • Max Wind Resistance: 32 ft/s
  • Water Proof Rating: Not rated
  • Visual Sensor Size: 1/2.3” CMOS- 4K Video
  • Infrared Resolution: 640 x 512 (Radiometric)
  • Infrared Framerate: 30Hz
  • Infrared Lens: 9mm
  • Infrared & 4K Combined: Side by Side
Matrice 300 RTK - Zenmuse H20T
Matrice 300 RTK Zenmuse H20T Thermal Drone
  • Max Flight Time: 36 Min
  • Max Transmitting Distance: 9 Miles
  • Max Speed: 51 MPH
  • Max Wind Resistance: 33.5 mph
  • Water Proof Rating: IP44 (min)
  • Visual Sensor Size: 1/1.7" & 1/2.3"
  • Infrared Resolution: 640x512 (Radiometric)
  • H20T Infrared Framerates: 30Hz
  • H20T Infrared Lens Options: 13.5mm
  • Infrared & 4K Combined: Yes
Autel EVO II Dual R


  • Max Flight Time: 40 min
  • Max Transmitting Distance: 5.5 Miles
  • Max Speed: 45MPH
  • Max Wind Resistance: 67 ft/s
  • Water Proof Rating: N/A
  • Visual Sensor Size: 1/2” CMOS- 8K Video
  • Infrared Resolution: 640x512 (Radiometric)
  • Infrared Framerate: 30Hz
  • Infrared FOV: 32°
  • Infrared & 4K Combined: Picture-in-picture
Matrice 200 V2 - Zenmuse XT2
dji matrice 200 V2 zenmuse xt2 drone


  • Max Flight Time: 24 Min
  • Max Transmitting Distance: 4 Miles
  • Max Speed: 40 MPH
  • Max Wind Resistance: 39 ft/s
  • Water Proof Rating: IP43
  • Visual Sensor Size: 1/1.7” CMOS- 4K Video
  • Infrared Resolution: 640x512
  • XT2 Infrared Framerates: 30Hz
  • XT2 Infrared Lens Options: Contact Us for available configurations
  • Infrared & 4K Combined: FLIR MSX Blending


DSLRPros offers a wide selection of DJI and FLIR thermal optics. The DJI Zenmuse H20T combines a 23x optical zoom camera, a 640x512 radiometric thermal sensor, and a laser range finder in a single stabilized payload. The H20T also comes with new camera modes making it easy to collect data efficiently. These include AI spot check, high res grid photo, pinpoint, smart track, and spot meter. The FLIR XT2, FLIR Vue Pro, XT and FLIR Duo Pro cameras have several customizable options in lenses, refresh rates, and resolution options to choose from. The FLIR Vue TZ20-R offers the unique ability to offer a thermal zoom effect with the combination of two separate thermal lenses and radiometric sensors to provide 1x, 5x, 10x and 20x zoom capabilities. The Zenmuse XT2 R is a great choice as it has dual visible and thermal imaging capabilities and smart features such as a temp alarm, heat track, and FLIR MSX technology. New to the world of infrared imaging drones? Check out the DSLPros' Aerial Thermal Imaging Fundamentals for Public Safety Webinar here.

Zenmuse XT2 R
DJI Zenmuse XT2 R


  • Infrared Res: 640x512 or 336x256 Pixels
  • Infrared Frame Rates: 9 or 30Hz
  • Infrared Lens Options: 9,13,19,25 mm
  • Radiometric Only
  • Dual Sensor: 4K Visual + Thermal
  • Gimbal Stabilization: Built In
  • Weather Resistance: IP44
  • Scene Temp Range: -40 to 1022° F
  • Compatable w/: DJI Matrice 200,210,600
flir duo pro radiometric thermal


  • Infrared Res: 640x512 or 336x256 Pixels
  • Infrared Frame Rates: 9 or 30Hz
  • Infrared Lens Options: 9,13,19,25 mm
  • Performance or Radiometric Models
  • Dual Sensor: 4K Visual + Thermal
  • Gimbal: Third Party Gimbal Required
  • Weather Resistance: Not Rated
  • Scene Temp Range: -40 to 1022° F
  • Drone Recommended: DJI Matrice 600
Zenmuse H20T
Zenmuse H20T Thermal Camera


  • Infrared Res: 640x512 Pixels
  • Infrared Frame Rates: 30Hz
  • Infrared Lens: 13.5 mm
  • Includes wide & zoom RGB Cameras
  • Single Infrared Sensor
  • Gimbal: Built in
  • Weather Resistance: IP44
  • Scene Temp Range: -40 to 1022° F
  • Compatible w/: Matrice 300 RTK


  • Infrared Res: 640x512
  • Infrared Frame Rates: 30Hz
  • Infrared Lenses: 4.9mm wide, 24mm tight
  • Dual FOV for simulated thermal zoom
  • Dual Infrared Sensor
  • Gimbal Stabilization: Built In
  • Weather Resistance: IP44
  • Scene Temp Range: -40 to 1022° F
  • Compatable w/: Matrice 200V2,210V2,300


For years, DSLRPros has worked with clients in different industries and verticals where thermal drones are an effective solution. These partnerships have involved use cases in Public Safety, Inspection, Construction, Agriculture, and more. We have helped countless customers find the right solution for their needs - from government agencies, educational institutions, and private companies. Our experience, large inventory, and industry best customer care are what sets us apart from other dealers. When you partner with DSLRPros, we apply our years of experience to help you select the thermal drone solution that meets your needs - covering your unique use cases, goals, and budget. Once you’ve chosen a suitable thermal drone package for the job, we’ll still be there for you every step of the way. We believe in earning lifetime clients through all the support we provide- from our comprehensive training to our service centers. Below is a list of just some of the industries we currently support:

Residential Roof Inspection

roof inspection thermal drone
  • Determine where roofs are losing heat or pooling water
  • Conduct thermal insulation audits for energy efficiency
  • Diagnose faulty electrical circuits within walls that are creating thermal hotspots
  • Safely and efficiently gain insights from the air

Commercial Building Inspection

commercial inspection thermal infrared
  • Inspect HVAC and refrigeration equipment for insulation leaks
  • Heat flow can be mapped and thermal bridging prevented by improving insulation
  • Inspection of plumbing facilities for evidence of moisture intrusion
  • Inspect concrete structures for delaminations and spalling defects

Utilities Inspection

utility inspection thermal drone
  • Prevent power transmission line failures by identifying hot spots
  • Assess the condition of a solar array in minutes and identify any failing cells
  • Wind turbine gearbox brake failure can be detected by thermal rise signatures
  • Identify electrical power lines with short circuits and broken conductors

Industrial Inspection

industrial inspection drone
  • Locate and isolate buried pipeline leaks
  • Locate blockages in above-ground fluid transmission systems
  • Measure the temperature of boiler tubes and detect thermal patterns
  • Inspect storage tanks for leaks

Wildlife Management

wildlife management - hog hunting
  • Tracking and mitigation of feral and invasive hogs
  • Monitoring and counting livestock
  • Use as a recreational tool (adds an additional layer of sight to thermal scopes)
  • Thermal imaging cameras offer quick reconnaissance

Fire Fighting and Rescue

firefighter drone usage
  • Thermal cameras can be used to see through smoke to tackle fires
  • Identify smoldering hot spots in walls
  • Easily deploy a 360° thermal observation platform
  • From the air, get a critical perspective you cannot get with traditional assets

Law Enforcement and Police

police drone usage
  • Continuity of on-station capability for hostage and active shooter situations
  • Overwatch support using a flying remote camera
  • Remotely drop supplies to hostages or open communication lines
  • Document the scene of a traffic accident or crime for reconstruction later

Search and Rescue

search and rescue drone usage
  • Live, high-resolution video streams for rapid victim or lost person searches
  • Providing rugged post-disaster support without cellular data
  • Aerial lighting on-scene for day and night missions
  • Payload delivery at low altitudes or rescue line deployment


DSLRPros remains committed to using our years of industry experience to ensure that you get the right thermal drone package for your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact DSLRPros here. You can also call us at (877) 299-1075, Mon - Fri 7AM - 5PM PST.

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