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The drone industry is growing fast. According to Brandessence Market Research, the size of the drone industry will hit $40.9 Bn in 2027. Therefore, it’s important that your organization’s drone skills develop at the same pace. Professional-led training not only improves pilots’ skills – it can even save lives – a crucial benefit even for organizations that aren’t in the public safety space.

The Value of Drone Training Programs

As drones are utilized more by organizations across various industries, drone pilots and operators require flexible yet thorough training. Investing in the development of their skills has great value and directly benefits all aspects of your day-to-day operations.

You’ll Have Skilled Drone Pilots

Drone training will increase your pilots’ knowledge of real-world practices to increase efficiency. Training programs dig deeper into the various areas of UAS utilization, both on practical and academic levels.

Your pilots will learn more about topics like airspace management and flight theory, as well as conducting and planning operations while using risk management in their daily routine. With improved knowledge, not only will your drone pilots be more assured and confident in their work, they’ll be more efficient and smarter too. 

Makes Your Organization Stand Out

Having a team of drone operators with special accreditation and training boosts your organization’s standing. It’s a clear message that your organization is serious about your work and you’re committed to providing the best and most effective service possible. In addition, you put your clients and the public’s mind at ease with proper certifications once your operators complete their drone training.

By investing in drone training, you open your organization to opportunities and scenarios that may be outside your daily operations. This gives your team inspiration to do more than what they’re currently able to.

Your Operators Learn From Industry Experts (and each other)

In the summer of 2021, DSLRPros organized a huge drone training event at the Del Valle Regional Training Center in Los Angeles county. It’s an effort to get local public safety departments to learn how to use drone technology in saving property and lives in different emergency scenarios.

Participants learned how to use a drone to examine Haz-Mat spills; discussed ways to integrate a drone in response to car accidents, and learned different techniques and strategies to search for missing persons in large areas with drone assistance.

The training event was valuable as participants learned how they could maximize drone technology in emergency or life-threatening situations.

DSLRPros training courses are conducted by the industry’s most talented and experienced UAS instructors. By combining their varying areas of expertise to cover the training syllabus, trainees are provided with the best instruction and insights to succeed and grow in their careers. Also, by training with other drone operators, your team can share their knowledge and experiences with the rest of the group and vice versa.

For many, our courses also serve as an eye-opener for how other industries or operators use drone flying theories and techniques in practical situations. Reviewing and learning about the technology and how to operate drones is one thing; being able to learn how other people use these drones in the field through training programs provides your operations with a new perspective and new potential.

You Can Get Customized Training Programs

Learning about industry-specific drone applications and understanding how academic aspects of drone training apply to your operations is important. This is why companies like DSLRPros have a team of trainers that have years of experience working in various industries, allowing them to provide training services that are custom-fit to your organization’s needs.

Two main levels of training are available: The Advanced UAS Operator Training and the On-Site UAS Operator Training programs.

Advanced UAS Operator Training

This training provides organizations with everything they need to get their drone program off the ground. The two-day training consists of in-depth instruction on how to effectively and safely operate your drones. Training on data processing and maintaining FAA-compliant operations are also included in the syllabus. The training is held at DSLRPros headquarters in Southern California, near Los Angeles.

On-Site UAS Operator Training

The On-Site UAS Operator Training program follows the same syllabus as the Advanced UAS Operator Training program. The difference is that our team of trainers will fly to your location, allowing the DSLRPros team to give insights specific to your area of operations. We will also set up training missions at your location, and our trainers will complete these missions with your drone operators.

Invest In Your Organization’s Success Today

More than the drones and their payloads, the training you provide to your team as your drone program grows is arguably the most crucial investment you can make to ensure your organization’s success.

And when it comes to flying expensive, high-tech equipment, you’ll want nothing but experts to take the controls.So, are you ready to take your drone program to the next level?  We’d be happy to get you there. You can speak to our friendly experts at DSLRPros or fill out this contact form to schedule a consultation.