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About DJI Matrice 30 Series 

The new DJI Matrice 30 is DJI Enterprise's flagship drone that can be carried around in a backpack. Multiple high-performance sensors are integrated into a single camera payload, and the entire system is operated by an innovative redesigned remote control. It also runs on improved Pilot 2 software, which dramatically improves the flight experience.

The M30 model provides significantly greater power, endurance, and capability for tough professional applications, but its compact size makes it perfect for easy transportation and quick setup. It works seamlessly with the new DJI FlightHub 2 fleet management cloud-based software as well as the DJI Dock for collaboration with remote and unattended operations, delivering efficiency and innovation to a wide range of industry sectors.

The DJI M30 series is available in two different configurations: the M30 and the M30T. Among the features of the M30 model are a 48-megapixel 1/2-inch CMOS sensor zoom camera with 5-16 optical and 200-200 digital zoom, a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, 8-megapixel photo 4K/30 fps video resolution, and a laser rangefinder that can provide precise coordinates for objects up to 1,200 meters away. The M30T includes an extra radiometric thermal camera with a resolution of 640x512 pixels.

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