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Privacy Policy

Registration Information

When you register for an account, we ask you for some basic personal data. In addition to your First and Last Name, we also need your email address and a strong password.

Payment Information

We collect your full name, shipping and billing addresses, phone number, credit card, bank, and PayPal information when you purchase anything from us.

Your location and personal data are used to fulfill your purchase request. Your credit card or PayPal information, however, is handled by our third-party payment processors and is not handled or stored by us.

Transactional Information

We keep records of every transaction you have with us, including the date, time, items purchased, and total amount charged.

In addition to segmenting and personalizing the marketing emails we send, we occasionally use this data for business analytics. Please be aware that signing up to receive marketing emails from us is completely voluntary, and you can opt out at any time by emailing us or clicking the "Unsubscribe" link present in every marketing email.

Usage Information

We use third-party tracking technology to collect information about how you use our site such as the type of device, IP address, operating system, internet browser, screen resolution, operating system name and version, language, and any plug-ins or add-ons. 

Additionally, we collect usage information, including the length of your visit, the pages you accessed, the links you clicked, and the websites that referred you to our site.

Google and Facebook, among other third-party advertising partners, may supply us with data on your online activity across various websites and apps on all your devices. This information does not contain any personally identifiable information or reveal your browsing history beyond our website. Its only function is to help us provide more targeted advertising on our website and to gauge the success of our advertising campaigns.

If you wish to regulate how Facebook and Google use your data for advertising, you can follow these links: 

Additionally, we employ Google Analytics to examine user behavior and troubleshoot technical issues on our website.

How we use cookies

Cookies hold data about your website choices and surfing patterns. These are tiny files that are kept on your browser or device.

They come in two varieties: session cookies (which expire when you close your browser) and permanent cookies (which stay on your browser for a predefined period of time or until you delete them). While you use our site, these cookies assist us in recognizing you.

First-party and third-party cookies may both be put by the website you are now viewing. For instance, we utilize first-party cookies to make it easy to remember the items in your shopping basket for future visits or to keep you logged in to our site. To better understand how you use our websites, we also incorporate third-party analytics cookies like Google Analytics and MixPanel. We use this information to influence our judgments on how to improve our website.

Moreover, we employ additional cookie-like technologies. For instance, we utilize tags that have the ability to set cookies to gather data about your browser or device.

We use cookies for a variety of purposes, including data collection to enhance your visit to our site and to identify the most popular items and content.

In general, cookies, will fall into one or more of these categories:





The cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our sites. Certain features of the site, such as maintaining your login status or preserving the items in your shopping cart, depend on these cookies, and they may not operate correctly if they are disabled.


These cookies aid in monitoring and reducing potential security concerns.


These cookies enable us to recall your preferences and settings, such as your language and location.


These cookies are utilized to enhance our understanding of your interactions with our site and its content. Furthermore, we employ this data for business analytics, such as identifying our most popular products.


These cookies are used by us and our advertising partners to show visitors to our site more relevant adverts and to monitor the efficiency and success of our advertising campaigns on both our own and other websites.

The platforms below are partners with us, and each of them has tools that let you manage the ads they show you:




When you click on a link from our marketing or transactional emails, our Email Marketing platform uses tracking tags that place cookies on your browser. These cookies can track your activity on our site, including the pages you visit, the products you view, and your purchase history.

We utilize this information to personalize the emails we send you and ensure their relevance. Please be aware that we will only send you marketing emails if you have specifically opted in to our email marketing program.

If you wish to stop receiving marketing emails, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link included in all marketing emails. Additionally, if you want us to delete all data tracked by our email marketing platform, you can send us a request via email.

Device Information

We might gather specific details about your device, such as its IP address, language preference, browser or client application information, operating system and application version, device type and ID, as well as device model and manufacturer.

We do not sell or rent personal information

We never, ever sell the information we get about you to any parties.

Analytics, Purchasing and Advertising

The platforms that we now use for analytics and advertising are as follows. By choosing from the choices listed below, you can decline them. Choose "Disabled" in the options box below to disable Google Ads. You must navigate to the privacy settings for your account on the relevant websites for Facebook and Linkedin. For further details, click the links. Please refer to the option to unsubscribe below if you have already signed up for our newsletter.



If you wish to opt-out of Google Analytics’ tracking, use this browser add-on provided by Google.


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Data Deletion Request

You can send a data deletion request by filling up the form below.