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Traditional crop scouting has been given a great assist with the development of drone technology which enables farmers to inspect larger areas in much less time, and gather types of information never before possible. Provided with a pre-planned flight path or area, the drone can cover the area quickly and gather data on crop health, projected yields, and potential problems. With this information in hand, the farmer is equipped to make informed decisions about the correct levels and types of fertilizer or pesticide application. When farmers are able to make this sort of targeted application, they are able to increase yield while reducing inputs, which saves resources and lowers the environmental impact, increasing sustainability

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Applications for Agriculture

How Can Drones Benefit Agriculture?

The development of drone technology has enabled farmers to improve the efficiency of traditional crop scouting; inspecting larger areas of land in much less time while gathering types of information never before possible. Drones can be provided with a pre-planned flight path or area and quickly collect data on crop health, projected yields, and potential problems. With this information in hand, farmers are equipped to make informed decisions about the correct levels and types of fertilizer, pesticide application, irrigation and more. This targeted application allows farmers to increase yield while reducing input, saving resources and increasing sustainability.

Drone Applications for Agriculture and Farming

Healthy vegetation reflects more of certain types of light compared to unhealthy vegetation. These discrepancies are undetectable to the naked human eye, but drones carrying multispectral sensors allow them to detect up to five discrete spectral bands of light (near-infrared, red edge, green, blue) that are reflected from plant life. The ability to detect certain types of light being reflected by crops allows farmers to identify nutrient deficiencies and even detect diseases before they become problematic enough to be visible to the naked eye. This detection ability, in addition to the precision GPS available in many drone models and thermal camera sensors, aids farmers in tasks such as phenotyping, crop health mapping, water stress analysis, leak scouting, fertilizer management, zone mapping, and more. Farmers can easily download data gathered by drones for later analysis by various software programs designed to help farmers make informed decisions about their crops.

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Learn About the Technologies for Agriculture Inspection

Our agriculture drone experts at DSLRPros are here to assist you with the best solution available to assist your crop inspection needs. We know, and understand your best use case, budgetary, and support needs. We have custom built solutions specifically tailored for agricultural and precision NDVI. For years, farmers have walked or driven their fields performing manual crop inspections for signs of stress or disease. Drones provide farmers with greater inspection capabilities to monitor larger areas faster, and with more accuracy. Drones give greater feedback in relation to crop yields, water pooling, weed control, and irrigation.

Our drone experts at DSLRPros are ready to assist you with agricultural UAS solutions to address your crop inspection needs. Our custom built solutions are built from the ground-up specifically for agricultural and precision NDVI use cases. For more information on how our drone packages can support your agricultural needs, contact DSLRPros here or call us at (877) 299-1075, Mon - Fri at 7 AM - 5PM PST.

Micasense RedEdge-MX

Micasense's real-time plant health solution and crop scouting tool is being used by farmers around the world to improve decisions on the field. Sentera's NDVI crop health sensors allows you to capture data and view offline. The entire system can actively collect data in under 50 seconds, making scouting your crops half the work.

Micasense RedEdge + Pix4Dfields

Pix4D Fields makes it simple to create flight plans on any device allowing you to launch a mission with automated take-off, flight, image capture and landing. You can access your orthomosaic, NDVI, interactive maps and crop health data models in minutes.

Micasense Altum

The Micasense Altum is an advanced multispectral camera with thermal designed to collect accurate data. It simultaneously captures six discrete spectral bands and seamlessly integrates across all UAV platforms, making it the ideal solutions for research, remote scouting, and irrigation management.

Agriculture & Farming Drones and Bundles

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