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DSLRPros specializes in cost-effective thermal drone solutions for police, fire, and search and rescue (SAR) teams. Our UAV experts have been developing solutions for these professionals for over half a decade. We have worked with hundreds of municipalities, state, and government agencies and understand their unique procurement process. We understand your missions, use case, operational budgets and support needs. Check out the brand new a href="https://www.dslrpros.com/dji-mavic-2-enterprise-dual-drone.html">DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Drone with FLIR thermal!

Don't risk sending responders into dangerous situations when you can deploy a drone in mere minutes. Able to go from packed away to in the air in just 3 minutes, it is ideal for urgent situations where ever second matters.

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Public Safety Drones

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The best drones for your program depends on the primary applications for which they will be used. One common public safety application that drones are ideally suited for is Search and Rescue. It is typically very time consuming and difficult for ground teams to efficiently cover large areas in their search for injured or distressed individuals, but drones are able to quickly cover those areas and can utilize thermal signatures by means of FLIR cameras to locate the missing or distressed individual and assess their status. The drone can be used to send information on location and environmental conditions back to the ground crew to make sure the right kind of help arrives as quickly as possible.

Police departments are putting drones to use in many different ways, including crowd monitoring and crime scene mapping. Drones equipped with zoom cameras are able to scan a large crowd from above to get the whole scene, and also zoom down to pick up minute details such as individual faces, logos on a backpack, etc., while object tracking features can allow the drone to keep tabs on any suspicious characters moving through the crowd. Crime scene reporting is also greatly enhanced with drones, as aerial mapping can help unravel details of a crime, or help understand the sequence of events in a car accident.

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Real Life Applications for First Responder Drones

It has now become commonplace, and even expected that public safety agencies will utilize drones for missions of all kinds, to accomplish tasks that would be impossible without them. Police, Fire, First Responders and SAR teams benefit from the aerial perspective and all the other advanced capabilities that drones afford. Search and rescue drones make use of flight to cover large areas that would take much longer for ground teams to cover, and can access areas too dangerous for manned aircraft. FLIR cameras can easily pick out individuals from among the terrain based on heat signature, even at night, through dense foliage, or in foggy conditions.

Firefighters can use drones to monitor a fire scene, getting the entire picture from above in a way not possible from the ground. Operators can locate and monitor hotspots using FLIR cameras, and direct crews in fighting the fire more safely and efficiently. Thermal cameras offer the added advantage of being able to “see” through the smoke or in poor lighting conditions.

When natural disasters strike, first responders depend on drones to be their eyes in the sky. If infrastructure is damaged making roads or bridges impassable, drones can provide emergency workers with the information they need to locate points of entry to access and bring aid to survivors in a timely manner. Aerial mapping is also critical in reconstruction efforts.

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Learn About The Products and Technology

One of the top choices for public safety agencies when it comes to a drone that will meet their needs is the DJI Matrice 300 equipped with the Zenmuse H20T. The M300 offers advanced AI features, and 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning for unparalleled functionality and usability. It can achieve up to 55 minutes of flight time, and has an IP45 rating, making it rugged and durable enough to withstand even the most demanding environments. Pair it with the H20T to get all the information you need in a single camera, with a built in radiometric thermal sensor, 23x optical zoom visual camera and laser range finder.

Another all star combination for public safety work is the Matrice 210, with its capability of carrying a dual payload. This provides the ability to use the functionality of a thermal camera such as one of the XT2, while simultaneously using a powerful zoom camera such as the Z30 for unbeatable detailed images from a distance. Weather resistant and equipped with all kinds of intelligent flight features, the Matrice 210 is a rugged workhorse able to meet the demands of real life.

The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual is also great for public safety applications, with its unique offering of attachable speaker, beacon and spotlight. The Mavic 2 offers a great portable frame, and all the intelligent flight features needed for successful and easily managed missions. The dual camera offers thermal imaging side by side with optical imaging for MSX enhanced image viewing. Check out our public safety drone packages below to discover which drone is the best fit for your agency’s needs and budget.

Contact us for more information. We here at DSLRPros have extensive experience working with local governments to develop aerial solutions and establish drone programs that will help improve public safety. We have worked with hundreds of municipalities, state, and government agencies over the past decade, so let us put our knowledge to use for the benefit of your department.

Our experts are knowledgeable about what it takes to initiate, operate and maintain a successful drone program. We can help walk you through the process of selecting your core fleet, training your operators, getting the necessary certifications, complying with regulations, and establishing good record keeping practices. Our extensive experience advising on the best hardware and software available to meet individual and unique needs for all kinds of operational uses will help you make the most cost effective decisions to get the right aircraft for your missions.

Fighting Fires with Thermal Drones

Thermal cameras have been used by firefighting crews for many years, but with the ability to get them in the air, drones equipped with thermal cameras have become invaluable tools for fighting both wildfires and structure fires. With the ability to see through smoke, drone operators can monitor the scene and direct crews to more safely and effectively handle firefighting operations. Information on roof integrity, flow path analysis, assessment of wet lines, and hotspot detection is all made possible with thermal imagery, and provides invaluable assistance in fighting fires.

What is MSX®?

When it comes to thermal imagery, one of the most useful developments for image readability is MSX, or Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging, developed by FLIR, and available in most of DJI’s FLIR thermal imaging cameras. MSX uses a high-contrast visual image to highlight key aspects of a scene, overlaid on top of a full thermal image. All of the temperature data is maintained in the view, and image clarity is greatly enhanced with visual details, making it easier to know exactly what it is you’re looking at.

Thermal Drones for Police and Fire Fighting Applications: Webinar

Go in depth on all you need to know about the drones and cameras available for public safety and firefighting applications in this webinar hosted by a few of the experts at DSLRPros. Learn about the products, how they work, and use case examples. You can also hear some real-life stories of how thermal drones are changing the way law enforcement, firefighting and first response agencies are improving public safety outcomes for the benefit of us all.

Payloads for Public Safety Drones

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