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Get your new Autel EVO Series Drones from DSLRPros, the leading reseller of professional drones. From the compact EVO Nano to the professional-grade EVO II Pro, these drones are engineered for exceptional performance. Whether it's for cinematic 6K footage or versatile 8K shooting, DSLRPros offers a range of EVO models to suit every need. Experience unmatched aerial photography with Autel EVO drones, available now at DSLRPros

Autel EVO Drones: The Evolution of FlightAutel EVO Drones: The Evolution of Flight

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Which Autel EVO drone is right for you?

There are a few things to consider when deciding which Autel EVO II drone model to buy. First is your budget. The Pro and Dual variants are both more expensive than the standard EVO II, but of course, they offer more advanced features.

If you're looking for a drone that can capture professional-quality footage, either of those models would be a good choice. However, if you're just looking for a drone to fly for fun, then the standard EVO II should be plenty.

Another thing to consider is what you'll be using the drone for. If you're into pro photography and videography or you'll want a drone for commercial or enterprise use, you'll want to make sure to get a model with a high-quality camera and advanced functionalities.

On the other hand, if you just want to take it out for a spin every now and then, any of the models will do. Ultimately, the right model for you will depend on your needs and preferences.


The Autel EVO II standard model is the first foldable drone equipped with a powerful 8k resolution camera, perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike. It allows for clear and detailed imaging, capturing 48-megapixel stills and 4K HDR videos. You can print images up to 100 inches wide and can punch in, scale, or display on large monitors up close.

In addition, the drone has a max speed of 45 miles per hour and a flight time of up to 40 minutes. Other notable features include obstacle avoidance, GPS tracking, and follow-me mode.


The Autel EVO II Pro drone is a high-end quadcopter that features a number of advanced flying and camera features. It is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer and a 1-inch CMOS sensor camera that can record 4K videos and 20MP stills.

The drone also has an impressive maximum flight time of 40 minutes and maximum transmission of 5.59 miles, making it ideal for long-duration missions. In addition, the Pro model is equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors and a live HD view that allows you to see what the drone's camera is seeing in real-time.

These features make the Autel EVO II Pro an excellent choice for professional photographers and videographers who need a reliable and feature-rich drone, whether for personal or commercial use.


The EVO II Dual is a massive leap for portable enterprise drone platforms. This powerful and versatile drone is perfect for a wide range of applications.

Equipped with two cameras, the EVO II Dual offers 4K resolution and 60fps video capture, as well as thermal imaging and long-range object tracking. Public safety agencies and industrial inspection users alike can benefit massively from this cutting-edge drone technology.

It is one of the highest-endurance enterprise UAVs out there, with a maximum flight time of 38 minutes. Users can switch between two-speed modes: Standard and Ludicrous, with max speeds of 33.55 mph and 44.73 mph, respectively.

The Dual model comes with a 7100mAh battery safeguarded with Autel’s patented Battlock system that reduces the risk of ejection under challenging maneuvers and hard landings. With a superior transmission range of up to 9 km, long-flight pilots will definitely like the drone's robust and reliable signal, especially in urban environments or dense forests.

The Autel EVO II Dual has 12 sensors controlled by a dual-core processor and AI machine learning that provides omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. The sensors can detect obstacles up to 30m away and control the aircraft’s speed to avoid a collision. This capability is especially helpful in operating in complex environments, adding a layer of safety.

EVO II Enterprise Series V3

The Autel Robotics EVO II Pro Enterprise V3, the latest addition to the EVO II series, boasts a 6K 1" CMOS sensor, enabling it to capture 20MP still images. This enterprise variant features more robust carbon fiber arms, larger motors, and bigger propellers, extending flight time by 5-7 minutes to a total of 42 minutes.

Enhanced with an ADS-B receiver, the EVO II Pro Enterprise V3 improves airspace awareness and offers encrypted storage solutions. Each bundle includes Autel's 7.9" 2000-nit Smart Controller, ensuring optimal visibility during operation.

EVO Max Series

The Autel EVO Max 4T and 4N, recent additions to the EVO series, redefine drone capabilities for professional use. The 4T excels in thermal imaging with its FLIR Boson 640 sensor, ideal for search, rescue, surveillance, and inspections, complemented by an 8K camera. The 4N, with its starlight and 6K cameras, targets professional filmmakers and photographers, offering stellar low-light performance and smooth footage.

Both models feature advanced obstacle avoidance, AI-powered tracking, and versatile flight modes like orbit, waypoint, dronie, and follow-me, enhancing creative possibilities. They share a foldable, portable design, extended flight times, and robust construction, ensuring reliability in demanding scenarios. The EVO Max Series stands out for its diverse applications in visual and thermal domains, highlighting Autel's innovation in drone technology.

Other EVO II rugged bundles for specific use cases

When it comes to toughness and durability, Autel EVO II drones are a great deal. Browse the available rugged bundles at DSLRPros in the product listing above to know which Autel UAV is perfect for your business.

Need help determining the best EVO II configuration for your use case? Click here to speak with one of our drone specialists. You can also contact us at (877) 299-1075 from Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm PST.

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