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Autel EVO II Enterprise Series

The Autel EVO II Enterprise Series is designed for a range of professional applications. This series has become a go-to choice in industries like public safety and mapping, known for its solid performance and adaptability. It suits both experienced drone operators and those new to unmanned aerial systems, offering features that enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.

The Autel EVO II Enterprise Series includes several models, each tailored for specific professional applications:

EVO II Pro Enterprise

This model is equipped with a 20MP 1-inch CMOS sensor, capable of filming in 6K video resolution and providing up to 16x digital zoom. It's designed for high-resolution imaging, making it suitable for detailed visual inspections and high-quality video capture​.

EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise

This variant combines a 48MP ½-inch CMOS sensor capable of shooting video in up to 8K resolution with a 640×512 thermal imaging sensor. The dual thermal and visual camera setup significantly increases operational capabilities, particularly in applications requiring both visual and thermal data, such as search and rescue, firefighting, and infrastructure inspection​.

EVO II Dual Radiometric (R) Enterprise

Similar to the 640T, this model includes a thermal sensor made in the United States and is compatible with FLIR Tools software. This feature allows users to analyze temperature data post-capture, making it suitable for detailed thermal inspections and analysis. The EVO II Dual R model is distinguished by its radiometric data capabilities and compatibility with FLIR Tools for thermal imaging analysis​.

Each of these models is designed to meet specific needs in various industries, offering a combination of high-quality visual and thermal imaging, extended flight times, and robust features for professional use.

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