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DSLRPros Specialized Commercial UAS TrainingDSLRPros Specialized Commercial UAS Training

DSLRPros is a respected industry leader in drone training programs specifically designed for professional use case applications in the fields of public safety, industrial and energy inspection, mapping and surveying, agriculture and more.

Many of our premium drone packages include one day of free in-person training at your location.

We also offer single-day paid classes as well as the extensive Advanced UAS Operator Course at our headquarters in Southern California.

DSLRPros’ UAS training has helped maximize drone program safety and efficiency for countless companies, public safety agencies, and individual pilots. With a team of expert instructors located across the country, more than 500 students and counting have attended DSLRPros’ training programs.

As the use of unmanned aerial systems becomes more and more prevalent in various industries and verticals, so too does the need for a thorough yet flexible training program designed to facilitate UAS operations in those use cases. The selection of drone training programs offered by DSLRPros has been carefully designed with those needs in mind.  Our selection of classes are designed for pilots of all experience levels, from beginners to pro.

Whatever your specific use case, DSLRPros has a class suited to offer you the best training tailored to your organization’s specific needs.


Advanced UAS Operator Training Course

DSLRPros is now offering a complete UAS certification program at the company headquarters in Los Angeles with the Advanced UAS Operator Training course. This curriculum consists of four separate classes; each geared for students of varying UAS skill levels, from novice to expert. This comprehensive training program has something for everyone - from learning the basics of UAS operation and part 107 preparation to advanced, specialized techniques such as 3D mapping, nighttime operations, and public safety use cases. Participants can choose to take one, some, or all of the courses available.  In each class, students will receive hands-on experience flying the latest drone technology.  

Beginners will be well suited to start with our introductory class, Fundamentals of UAS Technology and Operations. Participants will learn UAS piloting skills, safety protocols, emergency procedures, maintenance management, and FAA Part 107 certification preparation.

The second class in the course, UAS Operations for Public Safety Applications, has been developed specifically for Public Safety Agencies.  Students will learn the skills needed to operate drones in a wide variety of emergencies, including Search and Rescue, hazmat, brushfires, law enforcement situations, emergency scene mapping/reconstruction, and more.  The class also covers essential information on the requirements of starting and running a drone program within a public safety agency.

UAS Operations for Mapping, Surveying and Inspection is designed for UAS operations in construction, industrial inspection, agriculture, and other verticals requiring the creation of highly accurate 2D and 3D imaging.  Students will learn to create 2D maps, 3D orthomosaic maps, point clouds, and 360º panoramic imaging using thermal, LiDAR, and visual sensors with centimeter-level accuracy.  The class will also cover imaging processing software to generate, analyze and visualize aerial survey outputs.

For experienced pilots, UAS Nighttime Operations Training is focused exclusively on the complexities of safe and efficient use of drones at night.  Students will learn the FAA requirements for the use of UAS in darkness and create risk mitigation strategies for nighttime operations.  Using state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment, each student will log at least two hours of nighttime UAS operations.

Special pricing is available when booking multiple classes.

Our advanced training curriculum has been developed and is led by veteran UAS expert Derrick Ward, DSLRPros’ Director of Public Safety. Derrick has 33 years of experience working in Public Safety and is the Co-Lead UAS Pilot and Trainer for one of the largest safety agencies in the country. 

To learn more about the DSLRPros Advanced UAS Operator Training Course, call us at (877) 299-1075, Mon - Fri 7 AM - 5 PM PST, or click here to contact us.

  1. Fundamentals of UAS Technology and Operations
  2. UAS Operations for Public Safety Applications
  3. UAS Operations for Mapping, Surveying and Inspection
  4. UAS Nighttime Operations Training


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Lead Instructor:

Derrick Ward, Director of Public Safety, DSLRPros

Our lead instructor Derrick Ward has 33 years of experience as a firefighter for the Los Angeles City Fire Department. Derrick has been certified for multiple firefighting specialties and is a Certified Fire Instructor. With his experience and credentials, Derrick has gained critical insights that allow him to lead emergency aerial response missions in numerous situations. 

Derrick understands how to incorporate UAS capabilities for any use case and has been using knowledge from his 1,400+ hours of UAS flight time to advance the scope of drone operations in the United States. Derrick is sharing his expertise and deep experience to help organizations carry out UAS operations safely, legally, and effectively.

Experienced with working with students of all levels, Derrick knows how to tailor-fit his instruction based on his students’ needs. He has helped provide training for more than 500 enterprise operators and counting under DSLRPros’ training programs. Derrick is looking forward to helping you and your team make the most out of your drones and UAS program.


  • Certified Fire Instructor
  • FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification
  • Hazardous Materials Technician/Specialist 1-A and 1-B, 2-A and 2-B (Certified)
  • Emergency & Associates, System for Biodetection
  • Certificate of Completion, Aerial Postproduction from Cinematic Aerospace
  • ARFF Operations (Airport Rescue Fire Fighting)
  • Airport Operations


Customized Instruction

Your organization is unique, and so is your team. Don’t settle for standardized drone training or program development courses. Whether you’re in the public safety sector, energy, agriculture, construction, or surveying; the development of your pilots’ skills or the growth of your UAS program will require expert advice and training from instructors in your field. DSLRPros instructors have experience in multiple industries so you can be confident that they will provide specialized flight training and program development for your specific use case. This includes tailored instruction for your organization’s personnel experience level, aircraft, location, and goals. If you’re a public safety agency and your pilots need training in emergency response, you can depend upon getting a trainer with years of experience flying for a public safety department.

Your Location, Your Schedule

No need to send a team out of state to get top quality drone operator training. We offer the option to send our instructor to your location to conduct all training courses. This offers the added advantage of ensuring that our trainers are aware of all of your location-specific needs and challenges. If you’re a rural or suburban police department, your pilots won’t need to waste precious time learning tactical approaches that only apply in large metropolitan areas. We schedule each class individually and have multiple trainers so we can work with you on scheduling the best time for your team.

Utilize our facilities

If you travel often, run your business from your home, or do not wish to use your facilities, we offer the option to conduct the training at our location. We are conveniently located near Burbank Airport and LAX in beautiful Chatsworth, CA, with a multitude of amenities nearby to accommodate your needs and budget.

To explore our training package and consulting options, contact us by phone, chat or email to learn more.

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