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DJI Zenmuse H20N night vision drone cameraDJI Zenmuse H20N night vision drone camera

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DJI Zenmuse H20N is your vision beyond darkness

The DJI Zenmuse H20N is a sophisticated night vision drone camera designed to enhance operational capabilities in low-light and nighttime conditions.

Thermal and starlight cameras

The Zenmuse H20N boasts thermal and starlight night vision cameras. The 640×512 dual thermal cameras are pivotal for detecting heat signatures in complete darkness, allowing you to easily identify subjects based on their temperature differences from the environment.

This feature is particularly useful for search and rescue missions, wildlife monitoring, and security operations, where detecting human or animal presence is crucial regardless of lighting conditions.

There are also dual starlight night vision cameras: the 2MP wide camera and the 4MP zoom camera. These help you capture high-quality, detailed images in minimal light scenarios by harnessing even the faintest light sources to produce clear, usable footage.

Zoom capabilities

The cameras integrated in the Zenmuse H20N have zoom capabilities that allow for detailed observation from safe distances.

The thermal cams enables you to do 2x zoom (equivalent focal length: 53 mm) and 8x zoom (equivalent focal length: 196 mm). The starlight camera, on the other hand, gives you magnified visualization with the 20× optical zoom and 128× max zoom.

This functionality is complemented by DJI's advanced image processing technologies, which enhance image clarity, contrast, and overall quality, ensuring that operators can make accurate assessments and decisions based on the camera's output.

The integration of AI algorithms further enhances the camera's utility by enabling features such as automatic subject tracking and identification.

Designed for seamless integration with DJI's Matrice Series drones, the Zenmuse H20N represents a versatile and powerful tool for night-time operations, combining thermal and low-light imaging capabilities into a robust, easy-to-deploy aerial solution.

Introducing DJI Zenmuse H20N night vision camera