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Fully integrated thermal imaging with Zenmuse XT

A truly dynamic duo, the pairing of DJI’s incredible gimbal technology and image transmission capabilities, with FLIR’s industry-leading thermal imaging sensor results in a powerhouse thermal imaging solution. The DJI Zenmuse XT is a fully integrated thermal imaging package, compatible with DJI’s most reliable enterprise level drones: the Matrice 100, Matrice 200 Series, Matrice 30, and Inspire 1.


Intelligent Flight

The Zenmuse XT camera is able to be fully integrated with DJI SDK, which means access to all Intelligent Flight Modes, as well as long-range video transmission, with the ability to customize flight controls and missions. In addition to general camera control, the XT utilizes DJI’s XT Pro iOS app, allowing user-friendly imaging function controls such as on-screen temperature estimates, and in-flight access to color palette, isotherm, and other settings.


Enhanced Images for Better Data

FLIR’s groundbreaking technology includes a specially designed suite of image enhancement options for the Zenmuse XT. These enhancements options ensure the highest quality and detail in your thermal images for the most accurate and reliable data. Optimization features include:

Digital Detail Enhancement™️ (DDE) - improves image clarity and sharpness
Smart Scene Optimization™️ (SSO) - enhances extremes in bimodal scenes
Active Contrast Enhancement™️ (ACE) - uses contrast to show temperature differences in a scene
Information-Based HEQ™️ (IBHEQ) - compresses complex image data, creating the best quality image


Designed for Professionals

Thermal imaging is now being used in industries and fields that never would have been able to effectively utilize this technology before the advent of unmanned aerial flight. Reliable, visually precise thermal imaging is not only useful, but expected in industries such as home and commercial building inspections, energy and utility sectors, and agriculture. Other uses include first response activities such as firefighting and search and rescue operations. In each of these applications, the need for high-quality, reliable imagery is paramount, and the Zenmuse XT more than delivers.


Application-Specific Models


Ideal for emergency-response applications such as firefighting and search and rescue, the Performance model of the Zenmuse XT makes it easy to quickly visualize temperature differences in a location. Thermal imagery is displayed on-screen in real time. A temperature estimate displayed at the center of the camera view allows operators to quickly locate areas of large temperature difference.


Developed with input from inspectors from a variety of sectors, the radiometric version of the Zenmuse XT has the ability to easily capture detailed temperature data. By simply tapping on any pixel on-screen, the operator can see an instant, and accurate temperature reading of that location. Or by selecting an area on-screen, the operator can see a display of average, highest, and lowest temperature of that area.

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