DSLRPros offers many advantages for solar panel inspection. Our kits contain the Zenmuse XT. In addition to being able to clearly view temperature anomalies on a crisp thermal image, the Zenmuse XT can be used to scan installed solar panels during a normal operation across large areas within a short time frame. This allows problem panels to be isolated quickly, ready for remedial action, keeping energy production at optimum levels. Instead of sending inspectors out to the plant to check individual panels on foot, a flight overhead recorded using 4K video provides the image clarity needed to carry out initial inspections. Inspectors then are only required to investigate problem areas, significantly increasing their efficiency and productivity.

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Solar Panel Inspection Drones

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Our experts at DSLRPros are here to assist you with solutions for solar panel inspection needs. We know, and understand your best use case, budgets, and support needs. We have some pre-crafted solutions that we believe are best used for energy inspection, but are not only limited to those solutions. Depending on your best use case, and budget, we can tailor the perfect drone solution for your energy inspection.

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Real Life Applications for Solar Panel Inspection Drones

Many industries are beginning to use drones to dramatically improve their workload. The solar industry has seen a rise in using drones for solar panel inspection for the past few years now. Drones are more efficient, cost-effective and safer for solar panel installations and inspections.

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Solar Panel Inspection with Drones (UAS)

Solar Panel Inspection Thermal Imagery

Learn About the Technology of Solar Panel Inspection

With thermal imagery and 3D mapping, drones can maximize optimal placement of solar panels for the most energy production. This grants a complete view of workflow data and provides in depth analytics for well-informed decisions. Using drones will become the norm for all energy inspections for its efficiency.

FLIR Thermal Imagery

Capture accurate data with thermal imagery to prevent potential electrical problems. By locating hot spots sooner and fixing the defect, it can help avoid costly interruptions in service.

Zenmuse Z30 Digital Zoom

As the first integrated aerial camera with an optical zoom up to 30x and digital up to 6x, the Zenmuse Z30 offers unparalleled image data capture. Enterprises are now able to capture the information they require from a greater range, making image data collection significantly faster and eliminates risk of harm to both personnel and equipment.

Matrice 210 With Built In RTK

The Matrice 210-RTK is perfect for energy inspection. The Matrice 210 RTK-G uses a Real Time Kinematics (RTK) positioning system that can deliver centimeter-level precision for applications that require the maximum possible precision.

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We are industry leaders in thermal imaging drones. As one of the pioneers in thermal drone technology, our team of experts will help you build a custom solution that meets both your budget and needs.


We specialize in the development and delivery of cost effective mission specific enterprise solutions. All our kits are specially designed, assembled, and individually tested for quality assurance in the United States.


Our customer service doesn't just end with your purchase; we go the extra mile to make sure our customers have the guidance they need. As our customer, you will know us by name and can count on us for support whenever you need it.