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DSLRPros Blog

  • Drones for SAR (Search and Rescue)

    Drones for SAR (Search and Rescue)
    Drones are quickly becoming the most widely used tool for many industries. From Police and Fire Departments to farming collectives, drones have become essential to boosting safety and productivity. Search and Rescue is among the industries heavily affected by the use of drones. Search times can be significantly reduced while limiting potential risk to the party being rescued as well as rescuers. So what are the things that make drones such a great tool for SAR?
  • Drones for Firefighting

    Drones for Firefighting
    News about drones inhibiting fire fighting crews is everywhere. While it is true that irresponsible use of UAVs is a major problem for fire departments around the world, the responsible use of this technology can also be greatly beneficial to fire fighting efforts. Drone use by fire fighters is not necessarily new. Departments all over have been using drone technology to assist in fire fighting for several years. The difference now is that the technology is advancing exponentially, and as with any significantly advancing technology is becoming more readily available and cheaper. Find out more about Fire Department use of drones!
  • First Impressions: DJI's Matrice 210

    First Impressions: DJI's Matrice 210
    The day has come! DSLRPros recently received our first Matrice 210 from DJI. The customer that particular unit was shipping to needed it quickly for damage assessment in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, so we wanted to make sure it was ready to go as soon as he received it. As with any brand new aircraft, there were a few kinks that needed to be sorted out. Get a look at the aircraft, our first impressions, and some tutorial videos!
  • Drones for Police

    Drones for Police
    Drones are quickly becoming a widely used tool by many public safety agencies. Fire Departments, Emergency Management Services, and yes Police Departments. If you live in a large city, there's a high chance you've seen police helicopters in the sky before. The cost of owning and operating a manned helicopter is high, now imagine that large noisy expensive helicopter being replaced by a much smaller, quieter, and less costly aircraft. That aircraft is a drone.
  • Sentera NDVI Webinar FAQs

    Sentera NDVI Webinar FAQs
    12.) Can you establish specific coordinates for trouble spots? Absolutely. Every RGB and NIR photo is geotagged with GPS coordinates which allows you to tag a specific trouble spot with notes and translate that into the companion mobile app for scouting and ground truthing. The AGVault mobile app allows you to also take images with your smart phone and sync them up within your field for later reference.
  • DSLRPros Tutorials: How to Update and Calibrate DJI Matrice 200

    DSLRPros Tutorials: How to Update and Calibrate DJI Matrice 200
    Waiting on your Matrice 200, or just receive it? Check out our tutorial on updating and calibrating your M200 before going out for your first flight.
  • See how thermal imaging can work for you!

    See how thermal imaging can work for you!
    This technology can help spot leaks in your water heater, which can end up costing a large sum of money over time due to gas or water costs. Spot damaged or poorly insulated windows to help keep HVAC related costs down, water leaks from damaged pipes, it can even be used to check on your pets!
  • Industry News: Are Counter-Rotating Single Motors The Future For Drones?

    Industry News: Are Counter-Rotating Single Motors The Future For Drones?
    Drone technology has been growing at an exponential rate for the last 10 years. GPS stabilization, image recognition, infrared obstacle avoidance systems, incredibly detailed flight controllers; the list goes on. One thing that hasn't shared these rapid advancements? The motors.
  • MATRICE 200: Maiden Voyage

    MATRICE 200: Maiden Voyage
    The Matrice 200 series is DJI's new flagship industrial drone solution, and though it is meant for work, anyone that owns a drone knows the first thing you want to do is fly. Yes, the M200 is a workhorse meant to be a solution for aerial inspections, but that doesn't mean it's not also fun. So we're here to help keep it that way by helping you get up in the air ASAP, without the fuss of having to figure out the setup on your own.
  • DJI's new heavy-lift hexacopter to carry the Ronin 2

    DJI's new heavy-lift hexacopter to carry the Ronin 2
    When the Ronin 2 was announced, it was pretty clear that DJI's flagship heavy lift drone (the Matrice 600) wasn't going to be able to handle it. This begged the question: what is DJI going to do about this? The company started with (and are famous for) aerial platforms, so it would make no sense to release a gimbal and not be able to fly it.

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