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Elevate your aerial content with DJI Air 3

Take your aerial photography and videography to new heights with the fresh and innovative DJI Air 3 model. Crafted to empower both amateurs and experts alike, this state-of-the-art drone seamlessly merges cutting-edge technology with intuitive control, granting you the means to seize awe-inspiring moments from incredible viewpoints.

Capture the extraordinary

The DJI Air 3 boasts a dual-camera setup, featuring a wide-angle 1/1.3-inch CMOS camera and a 3x medium telephoto camera. These capabilities enable you to record ultra-clear 4K/60fps HDR videos and astonishing 48-MP photographs.

Bid farewell to shaky footage, as the advanced stabilization technology guarantees each frame becomes a masterpiece.

Extended flight duration

Make the most of your creative flight time with the prolonged battery life of the DJI Air 3. Achieve a maximum flight duration of 46 minutes on a full battery charge, ensuring you can seize more breathtaking content during a single flight session and push your creative boundaries further.

Dependable connectivity and transmission

Remain firmly in command with the DJI Air 3's seamless connectivity alternatives. Enhanced remote control capabilities and real-time image transmission provide you with the ability to compose your shots impeccably and make real-time adjustments.

The cutting-edge O4 video transmission of the next generation delivers an extended range of up to 20 km with improved stability, along with a top-quality live feed at 1080p/60fps.

Explore confidently

Thanks to its intelligent obstacle avoidance systems, the DJI Air 3 guarantees a worry-free flying experience. The drone is capable of identifying obstacles in all directions and can utilize APAS 5.0 technology to navigate around obstacles more smoothly, enhancing the overall safety of your flight experience.

Now you can navigate intricate environments with ease and focus exclusively on capturing that perfect shot.

Discover the world from an entirely new vantage point with any DJI Air 3 package; the sky is no longer a limit. Elevate your content, enhance your skills, and broaden your possibilities. Prepare to embark on an unprecedented journey of creative exploration.


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