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DJI Care Enterprise: Your Comprehensive Drone Fleet Protection

As an authorized reseller, DSLRPros is proud to offer the DJI Care Enterprise service plans, designed to deliver extensive coverage and peace of mind for professional users of DJI Enterprise drones. These service plans are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of commercial drone operations, ensuring that your fleet remains airborne with minimal downtime.


1. Ultimate Coverage for Professional Fleets

Tailored Protection Plans

DJI Care Enterprise extends beyond standard warranties, providing a safeguard against a range of accidental damages. Choose from multiple options, including the DJI Care Enterprise Basic, with two replacement instances, and the DJI Care Enterprise Plus, offering unlimited replacements.

Fleet Flexibility

With the Enterprise Plus plan, enjoy the flexibility of shared coverage across your entire fleet, binding an unlimited number of DJI products to a single account for centralized and simplified fleet management.

Comprehensive Damage Protection

Accidental damage, including collisions, water exposure, and signal interference, falls within the protection scope, allowing you to operate with confidence in various conditions.


2. Customizable Service Periods


Flexible Duration

Select the service duration that best suits your operational needs with 12-month and 24-month plans available. Your coverage commences at midnight on the start date and continues until midnight on the expiration date, as defined in the service agreement.

Renewal Conditions

Renew your DJI Care Enterprise plan effortlessly, provided the service has not lapsed for more than 15 days or exceeded a total bound duration of two years.


3. Global Reach with Local Support


Wide Availability

DJI Care Enterprise is available in numerous regions, including the U.S., Canada, EU, and several Asia-Pacific countries. This broad availability ensures you can get the support you need wherever your operations take you.

Supported Models

Our DJI Care Enterprise plans cover an array of DJI Enterprise drones and accessories, from the Matrice series to the Mavic Enterprise variants, including specialized gimbals and cameras.


4. Clear-Cut Terms and Easy Activation


Service Fees and Shipping

Replacement fees for the Basic and 2-Year plans are competitively priced, while the Plus plan offers replacement at no additional cost within the coverage amount. Moreover, all shipping costs incurred during service are covered by DJI within the designated regions.

Purchase and Renewal Criteria

Eligibility for purchasing or renewing your DJI Care Enterprise plan includes conditions such as device activation status and timelines following repairs or initial service plan activation.

Activation and Binding

Activation codes for DJI Care Enterprise plans require binding to your devices, which can be done effortlessly through DJI's official website. If you opt for the Auto-Activated Bundle, the process is even more streamlined.

Shared Coverage and DJI Care Express

Shared coverage under the Plus plan is possible within 30 days of activation, while the Basic plans do not offer this feature. Additionally, the DJI Care Express service ensures prompt replacements for eligible models.

Secure Your DJI Enterprise Fleet with DSLRPros
At DSLRPros, we understand the critical nature of your drone operations. DJI Care Enterprise is an investment in reliability and operational continuity. Contact us at (877) 299-1075 or (213) 262-9436 to discuss the best protection plan for your fleet, and fly with the assurance that you are supported by the best in the business.