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Disaster Response Drones

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Don't risk sending first responders into dangerous situations. With the ability to go from packed away to in the air in mere minutes, drones are the cost-effective alternative to traditional helicopters. For over a decade, we've specialized in cost-effective thermal drone solutions for first responders. We understand their use cases and unique procurement process making us the smart choice for enterprise solutions.

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Real Life Applications For Disaster Response Drones

Drone application has an invaluable and demanding role to play when it comes to supporting disaster management. Large scale disasters often disrupt the infrastructure of a region. A post disaster survey using drones can give rescuers the information they need to find open roads and locate survivors. This is possible because, drones provide an aerial vantage point which help cover large amounts of ground.

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Drones for Disaster Relief Efforts

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Thermal drones are essential for emergency response. Instead of sending in first responders, a drone can scan the area to locate hot spots on the ground. When used with zoom or infrared cameras, the drone can detect people in adverse and other low-visibility scenarios.

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We are industry leaders in thermal imaging drones. As one of the pioneers in thermal drone technology, our team of experts will help you build a custom solution that meets both your budget and needs.


We specialize in the development and delivery of cost effective mission specific enterprise solutions. All our kits are specially designed, assembled, and individually tested for quality assurance in the United States.


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