Welcome back! In this series covering agriculture drones, we’ve already gone over UAVs to use for day-to-day crop management – for you to assess the health of your farm and even predict your yield. 

Need a recap? Read it here: Best Drones For Crop Monitoring

Now we'll shift gears to the drones that you’ll use to apply those pesticide and fertilizers to your farm. The criteria for making it onto 2024’s ranking included a blend of advanced technology, efficiency, and of course, a little bit of that wow factor. Payload capacity and spraying efficiency were top of our priorities. Then there's the flight stability and precision - no one wants a drone that drifts off course at the first puff of wind. Sustainability and ease of use also come into play, since there's increased emphasis on using agriculture drones that are not only more efficient, but also kinder to our planet.

Let’s get right into it:

The 7 Best Crop Spraying Drones For The Modern Farmer in 2024

1. DJI Agras T40

It was officially introduced to North America in October 12, 2022, during AirWorks 2022, after already being mainstream in China. The AGRAS T40 is a step up from its predecessor, the DJI T30. It comes with increased capacity and that has made it a popular choice for farmers over the year that followed – and it still retains its strong lead into 2024. This drone is designed for a variety of applications, including spraying orchards, crop fields, and fruit trees, featuring a coaxial rotor system that ensures stable flight patterns during these processes, plus enhanced precision due to the integration with DJI Agras Intelligent Cloud.

Key Features 

• Spraying and Spreading Capacity: The T40 can carry up to 40 kg of liquid for spraying and has a spreading payload of up to 50 kg, equivalent to a 70-liter capacity.

• Coaxial Twin Rotor Design: Increases payload capacity by 30% and reduces aircraft size by 70% when folded for portability.

• Dual Atomized Spraying System: Ensures even droplets for more efficient pesticide use.

• Magnetic Drive Impeller Pump: Isolates pesticide from the motor, making the aircraft corrosion-proof and ultra-durable.

• Active Phased Array Radar + Binocular Vision: Offers 360-degree horizontal omnidirectional obstacle sensing for enhanced safety.

• Ultra-fast Charging: 9-min charging for the 30000mAh Intelligent Flight Battery with a 12000W Multifunctional Inverter Generator.

• Fully Enhanced Remote Controller: Features an 8-core processor and a 7-inch high brightness screen for smoother, faster mapping.

The coaxial twin rotor design of the Agras T40 not only boosts the drone's payload capacity significantly but also enhances its operational efficiency by enabling it to carry more spray or spread load per flight. This design, along with its foldable structure, makes the T40 exceptionally portable and easy to deploy in across different settings, be it hilly and uneven terrains, plantations, or orchards and vineyards.

The dual atomized spraying system of the T40 enhances the efficiency of applying liquids. By atomizing the spray twice, it ensures that droplets are fine and uniform, allowing for more ground coverage and reducing the amount of chemicals needed, thereby saving costs and minimizing environmental impact. The magnetic drive impeller pump further contributes to the drone's durability by preventing corrosion, a common issue in agricultural drones exposed to chemicals regularly.

The integration with the DJI Agras Intelligent Cloud allows for variable spraying and spreading operations, which can be precisely tailored according to the farmland’s prescription map when used alongside UAVs like the Mavic 3 Multispectral. This integration enables more precise application of inputs like fertilizers, defoliants, and nutrient solutions, based on the specific needs of different crop areas, thereby reducing waste and increasing crop yields. For instance, the Jiangsu Farming Group reported a 10% reduction in fertilizer consumption and a 5% increase in rice and wheat yield by utilizing variable spraying techniques.

Safety and efficiency in operation are also prioritized, as evidenced by the T40's omnidirectional obstacle sensing capability. The integration of Active Phased Array Radar and Binocular Vision allows the drone to detect and avoid obstacles from all directions, ensuring safe operation even in complex environments like dense orchards or uneven terrain. This feature, coupled with the drone's advanced mapping capabilities, enables farmers to plan flight routes more efficiently and with reduced risk of accidents.

The fully enhanced remote controller, designed with a focus on user experience, features a large, bright screen and an 8-core processor that facilitates quick and efficient mapping of agricultural land. The T40's ultra-fast charging capability is another standout feature, addressing one of the major challenges in drone operations—battery life and recharge times. The powerful 12000W generator supports rapid charging, significantly reducing downtime and allowing for continuous operation throughout the day.

2. Guardian SC1

This is an exciting one to watch out for this year – to see how farmers take it up. The company behind it - Guardian Agriculture, was founded by an experienced team from Apple, BAE, Tesla, and Uber way back in 2017. Since then, it has focused its efforts on leveraging electric vehicle, AI, and advanced flight dynamics technologies to benefit agricultural practices. 

The Guardian SC1 garnered attention for its efforts in sustainable farming, especially after it got green light from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This was a major milestone, making it the first eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) to be cleared for commercial operations all over the US. Deliveries of the system are slated to begin in mid-2024, with the starting price set at $119k. That’s quite the hefty price tag though.

Key Features

• Payload Capacity: 200 pounds (approximately 20 gallons or 76 liters), for spraying operations​​.

• Coverage: Capable of covering up to 60 acres per hour, ensuring rapid and efficient crop treatment​​​​.

• Quick Prep Time: Features a combined tank fill and supercharge time of only 1 minute, minimizing downtime between operations​​​​.

• Fully Electric: Powered by a 9.1 kWh battery and equipped with four six-foot propellers driven by a 40hp drivetrain, emphasizing its commitment to sustainable farming practices​​​​.

• Autonomous Operations: No manual control required, with RTK/GNSS remote control accuracy, intelligent auto-protect, and return-to-home functionality, making it simple to operate and ensuring safety and reliability​​​​.

The Guardian SC1’s 200-pound payload capacity and the ability to cover 60 acres per hour highlight its efficiency and capability to handle large-scale agricultural needs. The quick preparation time, enabled by its innovative design, ensures that the drone is ready for operation with minimal delay, enhancing productivity on the farm. It also has 100% repeatable and programmable coverage, ensuring precise application across every operation.

The fully electric nature of the Guardian SC1 not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with crop spraying tasks but also ensures quieter operation compared to traditional gas-powered aircraft. The drone's autonomous capabilities, requiring no manual control, allow for precise application of treatments with minimal human intervention. This precision, combined with RTK/GNSS accuracy, ensures that every application is consistent, reducing waste and improving the effectiveness of crop protection measures.

The Guardian SC1's design and operation reflect a deep understanding of the challenges faced by modern agriculture, including the need for operational efficiency, and reliability – while being environmentally conscious. 

3. Hylio AG-272

Self-described as a "Texas-sized" drone by its manufacturer, the Hylio AG-272 has been specifically designed to optimize field spraying tasks with its substantial 18-gallon capacity, enabling it to cover up to 50 acres per hour. This makes it an ideal tool for producers and applicators aiming to manage extensive acreage efficiently.

Key Features 

• Tank Capacity: 18 gallons (68.2 liters), facilitating efficient coverage of large areas.

• Max Spray Rate: 4.6 gallons per minute, ensuring fast and effective dispersion of agricultural treatments​​.

• Swath Width: Up to 40 feet (12.2 meters), ensuring broad coverage with each pass.

• Application Rate: Capable of covering up to 50 acres every hour at a 2-gallon per acre rate.

• Autonomy: Waterproof and fully autonomous eight-rotor platform.

• Precision: Equipped with high-precision spraying system, TeeJet nozzles, and electronic flowmeters for accurate application.

• Navigation and Safety: Features radar sensors for obstacle detection and RTK-compatible GPS for centimeter-level accuracy.

• Obstacle Avoidance: Equipped with multiple radar sensors for real-time obstacle detection and avoidance, enhancing safety and operational reliability​​​​.

• Real-Time Kinematic Positioning: Supports Hylio's RTK base station for centimeter-level precision, crucial for accurate application of treatments​​​​.

• First-Person View Video Streaming: Offers 1080p video streaming for real-time visual monitoring, useful in both autonomous and manual control modes​​​​.

The drone's large capacity, wide swatch and spray rate allow for extended operation times, minimizing downtime and increasing overall productivity. The inclusion of obstacle avoidance technology and RTK-compatible GPS units ensures safe and accurate spraying, even in complex terrains or close to obstacles, which is crucial for maintaining crop health and maximizing yield potential.

Moreover, the AG-272's FPV video streaming capability enhances operational control, allowing operators to monitor spraying activities in real time and make adjustments as needed. This feature, combined with the drone's autonomous flight capabilities, facilitates a more streamlined and effective approach to crop management.

Hylio – the company that has designed and manufactured the drone, also provides comprehensive support package, including technical assistance, regulatory guidance, and access to proprietary software, for users can maximize the benefits of their investment in the AG-272. This support extends to helping users navigate the regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance and efficient operation.

4. XAG P150

This farming drone was launched in December 2023 during XAG Co Ltd 's annual technology conference in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. It was part of new generation of smart products aimed at enhancing unmanned agricultural production through innovations in autonomous driving, structural design, and intelligent manufacturing. The P150 is designed to perform a variety of tasks including spraying, seeding, transportation, and aerial surveying.

Key Features 

• Spraying System: Features a flow rate of 30 liters/minute and a 70 kg maximum payload capacity ​​.

• Seeding System: Equipped with a 115L seed bin, the drone can discharge materials at a maximum speed of 280 kg/minute with XAG Rui Seed 4, and an 8m effective seeding width​​.

• Cargo Transport: Capable of carrying a maximum payload of 65 kg with a maximum speed of 13.8 m/s​​.

• Aerial Surveying with XAG Rui Tu 3: Enables autonomous aerial mapping for farmlands and orchards, covering up to 200 acres in a single operation​.

• Intelligent Control System: The SuperX 5 Pro system enhances the drone's computing power and operational efficiency with features like 4D imaging radar for obstacle detection and AI-assisted autonomous flight​​​​.

The XAG P150’s Rui Spray 4 system works with an innovative centrifugal spray system that ensures uniform chemical distribution across crops.  Famers get to achieve broader acreage in less time. This system is complemented by the drone's seeding capabilities, which include a large seed bin and variable augers to accommodate different seeding needs, ensuring precise and efficient sowing​​​​.

The P150's ability to transport cargo adds another layer of functionality, enabling quick delivery of essential supplies directly to the fields. Moreover, its surveying capabilities offer farmers detailed insights into their crops, allowing for better-informed decision-making and improved crop management.

Central to the P150's innovation is its intelligent control system, which enhances safety, reliability, and performance. The system's computing power and advanced sensors allow for precise navigation and obstacle avoidance, ensuring safe and efficient operation even in complex environments.

5. ABZ Innovation L30

The Innovation L30, launched in November 2023 by Hungarian-based ABZ, is capable of carrying a 30-litre payload of pesticides or fertilizer per flight. It builds up on the success of its predecessor, the L10 model, which has a 10-litre capacity. Aimed at revolutionizing plant protection through advanced technology, the L30 is equipped with a 25000mAh battery, supporting operations on farms ranging from 80 to 100 hectares in size, and capable of spraying up to 21 hectares per hour​​​​.

Key Features

• Payload Capacity: 30 kg, accommodating larger volumes for efficient crop spraying.

• Rotors and Swath Width: Equipped with 4 rotors, offering an adjustable swath width of 4-9 meters.

• Spray Flow: Maximum flow rate of 16 liters per minute, tailored for rapid and thorough application.

• Flight Time: Capable of 8-16 minutes of operation per charge, depending on load and conditions.

• Droplet Size Control: Offers a range of 50-800 microns for precise application.

• Battery Capacity: Powered by a 25,000 mAh battery. The battery system includes a four-pack set, where one battery powers the drone, one is always charging, and two are resting, expected to have 200 to 1,000 charge cycles depending on use​

The ABZ Innovation L30 is is Europe's first 30-liter capacity model equipped with a sophisticated Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) spraying system. This, combined with the drone's advanced flight planning algorithm and optimized downward airflow, adds to its performance during farm tasks. 


With a payload capacity of 30 kg and a maximum spray flow of 16 liters per minute, the L30 is capable of covering large areas quickly and efficiently. Its maximum flight time ranges from 8 to 16 minutes per charge, depending on operational conditions, and it features a quick standard charge time of 5 to 15 minutes. For the precision, you have the advanced RTK system, which ensures navigation accuracy down to the centimeter​​.

6. XAG P100 Pro

The XAG P100 Pro was unveiled at the BEYOND Expo 2023. This drone is an upgrade from its predecessor, the P100, featuring significant improvements in payload, efficiency, control, and stability. There was quite the buzz when it was introduced in Vietnam, a significant agricultural exporter, aiming to advance digital farming practices and offer solutions to the challenges faced by the agricultural sector due to labor shifts and the demand for sustainable farming​.

Key Features  

• Tank Capacity and Spraying System: The P100 Pro comes with a 13-gallon (approximately 50 liters) tank and employs the XAG Revospray 3 system, ensuring precise application with a maximum system workflow of 5.8 gallons  (22 liters) per minute​​.

• Propulsion System: Equipped with A50 motors, delivering a rated power of 4100 watts per motor and a maximum pulling force of 115 lbs, combined with collapsible 5515 propellers​​.

• Battery and Charging Technology: Features a water-cooling power solution, allowing the battery to be fully charged in just 11 minutes, facilitating continuous operation even in hot weather​​.

• Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance: Advanced RTK-based inertial navigation system, paired with a 4D imaging radar, ensures high-precision navigation and obstacle avoidance, maintaining operational efficiency and safety​​​​.

The precision of the Revospray 3 system, coupled with the drone's high-capacity tank, allows for extensive coverage with minimal waste, making it ideal for large-scale agricultural operations. Meanwhile, the propulsion system ensures stable and efficient flight performance even under heavy loads.


The drone's advanced navigation system, which includes support for virtual RTK and XAG's Portable RTK Base Station, enables precise flight planning and operation reporting, ensuring that crop spraying tasks are carried out accurately. The advanced navigation and obstacle avoidance technologies ensure safe and precise spraying, even in complex terrains. This is particularly beneficial for maintaining a constant relative height with the crop canopy, which is crucial for effective spraying. Moreover, the P100 Pro's design for easy transportation, combined with its autonomous flight capabilities, makes it a versatile tool for modern farming


Closing off our list of best agriculture drones for crop spraying is another release from DJI, launched in the Americas on the 1st of May, 2023, marking its first foray outside of Asia. This introduction coincided with its display at Brazil's Agrishow, one of the world's leading agri-tech trade shows. It comes in as a light and nimble solution packed with powerful performance for various agricultural operations, including surveying, mapping, spraying, and spreading​​.

Key Features

• Spraying Capacity: Up to 20 kg with a 20-liter spray tank for liquid applications.

• Spreading Capacity: Can handle up to 25 kg in weight and 35 L in volume for solid materials​​.

• Field Operation Efficiency: Covers up to 12 hectares per hour (approx. 29.65 acres) for spraying operations​​.

• Spray Width: 7 meters, enhancing coverage and efficiency​​.

• High-Performance Propulsion System: Equipped with a motor power of 4000W per rotor and a propeller diameter of 54 inches, ensuring robust and stable flight performance under various conditions​​.

• Battery Life: Equipped with a 13,000 mAh intelligent flight battery capable of ultra-fast charging in just 9 minutes​​​​.

• Obstacle Sensing: Enhanced sensing with active phased array radar and binocular vision for 360-degree obstacle avoidance​​.

• Durability: Features such as waterproofing, dust prevention, corrosion prevention, and resistance to extreme temperatures​​.

• Intelligent Operations: Supported by DJI's smart farming solutions, including DJI Terra for precise field mapping and analysis, facilitating variable spraying/spreading operations based on crop growth stages and prescription maps​​.

• Integrated Mapping, Spraying, and Spreading Functions: Combines multiple operations in one, with a UHD camera and adjustable gimbal for capturing real-time imagery​​.

Its 20-liter spray tank and ability to spread up to 1 ton per hour makes the DJI AGRAS T20P suitable for both small and large-scale farming operations, optimizing productivity by covering more ground in less time. The drone's dual atomized spraying system is specifically beneficial for allowing adjustable droplet sizes that cater to different crop types and spraying conditions. This system ensures that pesticides or fertilizers are distributed evenly across crops, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

The integration of advanced navigation technologies, like the Active Phased Array Radar and Binocular Vision, provides an added layer of operational safety by enabling obstacle avoidance and terrain following in complex environments. These features are crucial for navigating around farm buildings, trees, and other obstacles, ensuring uninterrupted spraying operations.

The AGRAS T20P's propulsion system is designed to handle heavy payloads efficiently, with a significant motor power and propeller size that contribute to its impressive flight stability and performance. This makes it suitable for various agricultural tasks, from spraying and spreading to surveying and mapping. The inclusion of a UHD camera and adjustable gimbal supports real-time monitoring and data collection, essential for creating accurate maps and planning efficient flight routes.


The drone's compatibility with DJI's intelligent agriculture solutions, including the DJI Terra and DJI SmartFarm Web platforms, contribute to making it an asset for farmers and agronomists. By facilitating data-driven decision-making, the AGRAS T20P helps farmers optimize their operations, from precise variable spraying to real-time monitoring and analysis of crop health.

The Future Of Farming, Made Easier

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