Deliveries are seeing more and more drones take center stage. Walmart made headlines when it reported over 6,000 drone deliveries in 2022, with the retail giant's going full throttle in drones into its logistics operations. The Asia-Pacific region leads in drone deliveries, accounting for 43% of global operations in the first half of 2023. However, Africa and North America are not far behind, with Africa's share jumping to 32% and North America's by 50% compared to 2022. While healthcare has been the main sector benefiting from this tech, retail, restaurants, and e-commerce are rapidly catching up.

Research from Carnegie Mellon University has shown that quadcopter drones are highly energy-efficient for small package deliveries, potentially offering substantial energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional vehicles.  The FlyCart 30 is the latest sensation shaking up the delivery and logistics market, as DJI makes its foray into carrier drones.

DJI FlyCart 30 Review

Launched in China in August 2023 and became available globally in January 10, 2024, this drone combines advanced technology with robust design to offer a versatile delivery solution. It comes with —a cargo box and a winch crane system—to adapt to various delivery scenarios. The FlyCart 30's capabilities and design cater to a range of logistics needs, from standard package delivery to more complex tasks requiring aerial precision.

Key Features

• Payload Capacity: Can carry up to 30 kg with dual batteries, and up to 40 kg with a single battery, offering flexibility for different cargo needs.

• Range and Speed: Offers a range of up to 16 km with a full load and a maximum speed of 20 m/s, ensuring timely deliveries over considerable distances (up to 28 km (17 miles) when empty).

• Transmission and Camera: It features DJI’s O3 transmission system and an FPV gimbal camera for clear and stable live feeds, even during beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations​​​​.

• Dual Delivery Modes: The drone comes with both a cargo box for direct landings and a winch crane system for aerial drops ​​​​. The winch system has a 20-meter cable for non-contact deliveries in areas where landing is not feasible.

• Safety Features:

- Parachute System: An integrated parachute system automatically deploys in emergencies, minimizing the risk of damage or injury​​.

- Obstacle Avoidance: Multi-directional obstacle avoidance technology, including front and rear active phased array radars and a dual binocular vision system, ensures safe navigation around obstacles​​​​.

- Battery Redundancy: The dual battery system provides a backup power source, enhancing reliability and safety during operations​​.

• Weather Resistance: Boasts IP55 rating, operates effectively in temperatures as low as -20°C (-4°F) and as high as 45°C (122°F), and can withstand winds up to 12 m/s.

• Operational Efficiency: The FlyCart 30 supports DJI's new air transportation cloud platform, DJI Transport, for streamlined flight planning and management. DJI DeliveryHub and DJI Pilot 2 software support operation planning, real-time monitoring, and efficient flight management.

The value of the DJI FlyCart 30 lies in its innovative features designed to overcome traditional delivery challenges. Its dual delivery modes cater to a wide range of logistics applications, from urban environments where precise aerial drops are necessary to rural areas where traditional delivery methods fall short. 

- In Cargo Mode, payloads are securely placed in a 70-liter case, which is equipped with weight and center-of-gravity sensors. These sensors help to improve the balance and safety of the cargo during transit, ensuring the drone's stability and the integrity of the delivery items.

- Winch Mode, designed for deliveries in areas where landing might not be feasible, includes a 20m cable capable of manual or automatic retraction at 0.8 m/s, supporting payloads up to 40 kg. To aid in precise delivery, the FC30 employs AR Projection to indicate the projected landing point of the cargo. The drone's intelligent systems adjust its flight attitude to minimize cargo swing, ensuring smooth and accurate delivery.

When it comes to safety, the FC30, incorporates multiple redundancy systems, including a dual battery setup and advanced obstacle avoidance technologies. These features ensure the drone's reliability, even in challenging conditions, by providing backup systems and real-time hazard detection. It has an ADS-B receiver to alert the operator of nearby manned aircraft, enhancing airspace safety.

Learn how to use the FlyCart 30 here:

Its propellers are fine-tuned for operations at altitudes ranging from sea level to 6,000 meters, capable of carrying a 30 kg payload up to 3,000 meters. Additionally, the drone features self-heating batteries, which guarantee consistent performance even in colder climate. The drone's all-weather capability provides reliable operation under diverse operational scenarios, even delivering emergency medical supplies to remote mountain villages, where the ability to operate in cold temperatures and at high altitudes ensures that help reaches those in need.

Efficiency is one of the wins of the FC30, from the AR Projection for precise drop-off points to dual-operator mode for extended control range. These technological advancements streamline the delivery process, even making it more accurate. The integration of DJI DeliveryHub with the drone enhances operational planning and monitoring, providing a comprehensive solution for modern logistics challenges. The Dual Operator Mode allows pilots in two different locations to transfer control of the drone with a single tap, extending operational flexibility​​.

Deliveries Made Faster, Smarter & Safer

Whether you're tackling challenging deliveries in remote locations or seeking to enhance your operational efficiency the DJI FlyCart 30 is up to the task, and it’s now available at DSLRPros. For any inquiries or to learn more about how this innovative drone can transform your delivery operations, feel free to contact the DSLRPros sales team at (877) 299-1075 / (213) 262-9436 or via email at