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Presentation public safety event droneIn response to local official’s request for more information on drones, DSLRPros sought to provide an in-person training experience and educational panel at no cost to attendees. The sold-out event took place on February 18 at ToolBox LA, an innovation hub located in Chatsworth, California. Seventeen law enforcement departments, eight fire departments, and five search and rescue organizations from the Greater Los Angeles area were invited and welcomed as special guests.

drone trainingIn addition to laying out the necessary framework to develop effective and legal drone programs, the event showcased how public safety agencies are already successfully using UAS technology to assist in emergency management, disaster relief, wildfire combat, structural damage assessment, and much more.

“Countless officials from the SoCal area have reached out to us with questions on this technology and we are glad we could provide them with information and hands-on experience” says Sam Nam, Co-Founder of DSLRPros. “Aside from receiving free training, attendees from different counties and municipalities were able to network, connect and share information with one another.”

inpsire 1 firefighting

As education and safety were the event’s main focus, Romeo Durscher, DJI’s Director of Public Safety, spoke on the Matrice 210 drone being an integral and effective tool for public safety officials, while Brendan Stewart, President of Aerovista Drone Academy, discussed how to develop and run a successful UAV program. The product highlights of the event were the Matrice 210 drone along with the Zenmuse XT2 and Zenmuse Z30 cameras. Public safety officials were given the chance to fly and experience these sophisticated drones for themselves, while attendees were able to operate The Mavic 2 Enterprise and Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual.

Given the success of this event, DSLRPros and DJI may potentially collaborate again to host a similar event in the Northern California metropolitan area. See the official press release of the event here.

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