MicaSense RedEdge-P

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  • Pan-sharpened resolution of 2cm/pixel at 60m, 4cm/pixel at 120m
  • Capture rate of 2-3 images per second on CFexpress storage cards
  • Five spectral bands at  1.6 MP each
  • 5.1 MP panchromatic sensor
  • Compatible with existing RedEdge installations with the addition of a new wire harness 

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MicaSense RedEdge-P

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    MicaSense RedEdge-P
    MicaSense RedEdge-P

    In stock


    Rededge-P: High-resolution multispectral and RGB sensor

    MicaSense RedEdge-P is a multispectral camera specifically designed for agricultural and environmental monitoring applications. It is a product developed by MicaSense, a company specializing in sensor solutions for aerial imaging.

    The RedEdge-P camera captures data in five discrete spectral bands: blue, green, red, red edge, and near-infrared. This multispectral capability enables it to provide detailed information about crop health, plant vigor, and other vegetation-related parameters. By analyzing the different spectral bands, researchers and farmers can gain insights into plant stress, nutrient content, water availability, and disease detection, among other factors.

    The RedEdge-P camera is commonly used in precision agriculture, where it can be mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) to capture high-resolution images of crops. The captured data can then be processed and analyzed using specialized software to generate maps and actionable information for farmers. This allows for targeted interventions and optimized resource management, leading to increased crop yields and reduced environmental impact.

    The RedEdge-P's primary application in monitoring vegetation and crop health. The camera is known for its robust design, high image quality, and reliable performance in various environmental conditions. It has become a popular choice among agricultural professionals and researchers who require accurate and timely data for informed decision-making in the field of precision agriculture.

    Micasense Rededge-P product video

    • Weight: 300g (10.6 oz.) RedEdge-P + DLS 2
    • Dimensions: 8.2 x 6.2 x 5.4 cm (3.2in x 2.4in x 2.1in)
    • External power: 7.0 V-25.2 V
    • Spectral bands: Blue, green, red, red edge, near-IR(global shutter, narrowband)
    • Wavelength (nm): Blue (475 nm center, 32 nm bandwidth), green (560 nm center, 27nm bandwidth), red (668 nm center, 14 nm bandwidth), red edge (717 nm center, 12nm bandwidth), near-IR (842 nm center, 57 nm bandwidth)
    • RGB output: 5.1 MP (global shutter, aligned with all bands)*
    • Ground sample distance:
      • o7.7cm per pixel (per MS band) at 120m AGL
      • o3.98cm per pixel (panchromatic band) at 120m AGL
    • Capture rate: 2-3 captures per second raw DNG
    • Interfaces: 4 GPIO: Trigger input, top of frame out, 1 PPS out, host button. USB 2.0 port for WiFi, serial, 10/100/1000 ethernet, and CF Express Storage.
    • Field of view:o49.6° HFOV x 38.3° VFOV (MS)o44.5° HFOV x 37.7° VFOV (PAN)
    • Triggering options: Timer mode, overlap mode, external trigger mode (PWM, GPIO,serial and Ethernet options), manual capture mode
    • Heat: 0-40C ambient (no airflow); 0-50C ambient with airflow >0.5m/s

    * with appropriate post-processing

    Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice

    • DLS 2 with embedded GPS
    • Calibrated Reflectance Panel (CRP 2)
    • USB WiFi dongle
    • Lens cover
    • Necessary integration cables
    • Assorted mounting hardware
    • CFexpress card
    • CFexpress card reader
    • Hard Carrying Case
    • Quick Start Guide

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