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At Interdrone 2018 we met up with the Parrot Business Solutions team to learn about their new products! Featured is the Parrot ANAFI Work, SensFly eBee X with its 4 different camera payloads. These include the senseFly S.O.D.A 3D, senseFly Aeria X, senseFly Duet T, and Parrot Sequoia+.

Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal | Parrot Bluegrass Fields Drone | Parrot ANAFI Work Drone for sale at DSLRPros:

Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal, Bluegrass Fields, senseFly eBee X, and ANAFI Work

Video Transcription: I am Matt from Parrot business solutions I head up the marketing across our parrot and Sensfly brands and today we’re launching two new drones we have a new fixed-wing drone the eBee X and a new small business drone called the Anafi work so we really saw a space in the market for a small medium-sized business tool that can be used across applications that’s super light foldable got 4k video and can look straight up and is also a really a full package solution so compared to the consumer and Anafi with this package you get four batteries so your total flight time is going to be an hour and 40 minutes  so 25 minutes per battery we have a full one-year subscription to pix 4d processing software built-in so you can create the 3d models out of that data at the end and a ruggedized case that’s more work tough for job sites so altogether for $1099 we think this is a very competitive and really high quality little product for getting eyes on a problem so forgetting those aerial insights really quickly and easily so surprisingly for such a small drone the wind resistance of this is up to around 30 miles an hour so most standard kind of weather conditions this is going to fly and capture really stable data so the control mechanism for the anafi work this is an app called free flight that works on your smartphone and that slots into this controller that is also fairly ruggedized heavy heavy duty kind of controller and then the Pix4D software comes in at the other end when you have your images you’re gonna use that to stitch them together and to create your 3D models that you can measure work out volume surfaces and so on sure so we’re at cents fly that’s also part of Parrot business solutions we have a 10-year track record of producing fixed-wing drones mainly for mapping applications so within the survey world construction mining anywhere where we’re creating terrain models the new one the EBeeX really takes all those ten years of experience and a lot of customer feedback from the last 18 months and adds in everything we thought was really necessary for future work how this is different the previous Ebee’s is efficiency wise we’ve really increased the flight times for the coverage of the drone this can fly up to 90 minutes and if you’re flying 400 feet that’s going to allow you to map up to around 1,200 acres in one flight secondly we’ve increased the modularity and a multi-purpose nature of the drone so we have five different camera options we have two RGB we have a dual thermal and RGB multispectral we really have a camera for every type of project that anyone in the geospatial world might want to do we also have high accuracy for the GPS so for a surveyor who really needs like one one and a half inch accuracy from their Maps they’ve got our built-in and lastly I would say this with the ultra strong new under skin we have and with what we call steep landing technology we’re using a third of the space for the landing as we did before so really it’s much more suited to really work every kind of site whether it’s very whether it’s very rocky on the floor or it’s a complex restricted site this this bird’s going to be able to tackle that so with the EBee X launch when we talk about the cameras we have three new camera models that are completely exclusive to sensefly and really increase the applications possible with this so this one here we have the SODA 3d camera and what that does is that takes three shots to every pass it takes one nadir top-down shot and it takes two oblique shots so it’s constantly moving as the aircraft’s in the air and what that does is it gives you side shots of vertical structures like if your urban mapping or if you’re doing cliffs or coastlines and that means the maps and the 3d models and a point cloud you get at the end will be much higher quality of the 3d reconstruction so secondly we also have a new high-end RGB camera so really perfect for surveyors who want really high accuracy in a lot of detail that’s called the sensefly Aeria X and that’s an aps-c sensor so it’s roughly equivalent to a DSLR camera but in a very small form factor that can still do those long flight times in the ebee and last but certainly not least we have the dual camera rig so this basically comprises the SODA RGB camera and a high-resolution thermal camera and then through our software and our sister company with Pix4d we create thermal maps out of that so an RGB orthomosaic map which has a thermal layer on top so for people let’s say working in solar field inspection or in agriculture or doing drainage planning water management that’s really a perfect two-in-one solution. The Ebee X is also backward compatible with existing Parrott sensors and a good example is the Sequoia plus which is a multispectral so it’s a four band sensor for agriculture so you’re going to use this to to map your crops and to see which areas of development or crops are healthy or not and that’s been used already around the world by agronomist by farmers by researchers and that’s immediately also compatible with the EBeeX so that’s what we have that’s new at Parrot business solutions at Interdrone for more information check out or


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