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Lost in the woods? A buzzing from above could be the key to your survival.

DJI, “From May 2017 to April 2018, DJI has counted 65 people who were rescued from peril by the use of a drone’

With 65 people found last year alone, drone technology is clearly making a difference. The combination of a precision aerial platform and a high-resolution thermal imager gives rescue teams the perfect tool they need to locate and rescue missing, injured, or lost people. Drones go one step further, they keep the rescuers safe from harm on dangerous missions, often times in remote areas.

Drones are being used for more than just search and rescue (SAR). Drones provide real time situational awareness to access potentially dangerous situations without risking lives. An example of this can be seen here when a distressed woman was yelling and holding a gun. The drone gave the police the ability to see what was happening up close without being in the line of fire. The drone was used to de-escalate the situation resulting in no injuries.

Thermal drones have been the bread and butter of DSLRPros from the beginning. With a majority of our customers being in the public safety sector it is extremely rewarding to see the positive impacts that drones are having in finding people. The new lifesaving numbers report by DJI continues to validate the claim that thermal drones are an invaluable tool for first responders and law enforcement officials.

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