The Mavic 2 Enterprise foam from GPC gives the user the ability to get most out of their drone kit. The space-saving design and superior layout over the traditional foam from DJI means faster deployment of the drone.

The main benefit of the GPC foam is the way that the accessories are laid out. The organizational storage spaces for the accessories within the case allow rapid deployment of the Mavic 2 Enterprise.

This includes quick access to the drone, remote controller, crystal skyscreen, battery, mount, and screen connector.

Compared to the standard foam from DJI, the GPC foam has a dedicated compartment to hold the crystal sky.  It can hold either the 5.5 inch or 7.85 inch crystal sky screen.

A downside of the original case is that to store the mounting bracket for the crystal sky it has to be stored under the attachment modules. And under the other charging cables. making the quick setup of the Mavic 2 Enterprise messy and difficult with the original case.

Lastly the original case foam is very rigid and not durable, it has the same properties as Styrofoam. The GPC foam is soft and absorbent making the mavic 2 enterprise kit more durable.

If your team is flying the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise, having the GPC foam is necessary for long-lasting kit durability, organization, and rapid deployment.