Autel Robotics, one of the drone industry’s biggest names, is back with another release targeting enterprise users. This UAV is set to be a hit, especially with all the anticipation that has been building up for it since mid-2023: the Autel Alpha.

Let’s break down what it’s all about, how the path has been cleared for it to take on the market in mainland USA – and where you can get it. 


Background & FCC Approval: A Gateway to the U.S Market

The Autel Alpha triggered lots of conversations and excitement when it was exhibited at select technology exhibitions and the June 2023 Energy Drone and Robotics Summit. Its design rivals the likes of the DJI Matrice 30 series for professionals across enterprise sectors​​​​. 

Of course, the US has been jittery about foreign-manufactured drones. Plenty of lobbying up on the hill has been taking place over the recent years to address security concerns. 

Landing the FCC's approval on January 11, 2024 has shown its compliance with critical U.S. communication and safety standards. Another hurdle cleared on the path to full product launch as a UAV that meets the complex demands of the U.S. airspace​​​​​​.

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Features of Autel Alpha

So how does it stack up? 

· Range and Endurance

Its set to hit the market with a formidable 20 km transmission range, for strong connectivity even in challenging conditions. The drone's endurance is promising to be equally impressive, boasting a maximum flight time of 40 minutes and hovering time of 38 minutes*, showing its efficiency in power management. Its resilience is further underlined by an IP55 weather rating, enabling operations in various environmental conditions without compromising performance. The drone, including the battery and gimbal, weighs 6100g. We’re eager to see how it holds up against the best long-range drones

*Time measured during windless conditions

· Camera and Imaging Suite

Autel Alpha Wide Camera

- Sensor and Lens: It features a 1/2" CMOS sensor with 48MP effective pixels and a lens offering a wide field of view, a 24 mm equivalent focal length, and an f/2.8 aperture, ideal for capturing broad landscapes and detailed scenes.

- ISO Range and Formats: The wide camera supports an ISO range up to 6400 for photos and 64000 for videos (extended to 256000 in Night scene mode), and captures images in JPG and DNG formats and videos in MP4/MOV format with a maximum resolution of 3840*2160 P30. This actually gives top night drones a run for their money.

Autel Alpha Zoom Camera

- Sensor and Zoom Capabilities: This camera features a 1/1.8" CMOS sensor and an impressive zoom range, with 1-35X optical zoom and up to 560X digital zoom, making it perfect for capturing distant objects in high detail.

- ISO Range and Lens Specifications: Similar to the wide camera, the zoom camera supports the wide ISO range for photos and videos (Night scene up to ISO 320000) and has a lens with a variable aperture, ensuring optimal image quality in various lighting conditions.

Thermal Cameras

The drone includes two thermal cameras (Wide and Tele) with the following specifications:

- Sensors and Lenses: Both cameras utilize Uncooled VOx Microbolometers and have lenses with specific fields of view (42° for Wide; 12.3° for Tele) and focal lengths (13mm for Wide; 45mm for Tele), catering to different thermal imaging requirements.

- Resolution and Temperature Detection: They offer a resolution of 640*512 P25 and measure temperatures ranging from -20℃ to +550℃ with high accuracy, making them invaluable for industrial inspections and search and rescue operations.

· Obstacle Avoidance & Speed

360-degree obstacle avoidance is becoming a standard for enterprise drones, and the Autel Alpha is in line with the trend. This is to ensure safe navigation around potential hazards. The drone operates on versatile frequency bands (2.4/5.2/5.8 GHz), enhancing its communication flexibility. Speed and altitude are not compromised either, with the drone clocking a maximum horizontal speed of 24m/s and withstanding wind resistance up to 15m/, making the UAV for a wide range of applications.

· Operating Temperature and Satellite Navigation

It operates in temperatures ranging from -20℃ to +50℃ and utilizes a comprehensive satellite navigation system, including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo, for precise location tracking.

· Safety Features

Here you have attributes like robust anti-interference capabilities, including resistance to RFI/EMI/GPS spoofing, ensuring reliable operation amidst potential electronic disruptions. The drone's autonomy is another highlight, capable of sophisticated operations without constant manual input. Its multiple payload compatibilities allow it to adapt to different mission requirements. And with AES-256 encryption, data transmission remains secure against potential breaches.

Alpha Loudspeaker and Spotlight Combo

This package that significantly amplifies the drone's utility in various operational scenarios like search and rescue missions, crowd control and large-scale monitoring.

The core design’s features include:

- Electrical Interface and Installation: The combo connects through the PSDK Interface and adopts a standard quick release mount for easy installation, making it user-friendly and efficient.

- Dimension and Compatibility: With dimensions of 163×132×77mm, the combo is compact yet powerful. It is specifically tailored for the Autel Alpha model, ensuring perfect compatibility and performance.

For the spotlight, you have:

- Power and Functionality: The spotlight is packed with 60W power, capable of following the gimbal's pitch and offering brightness level adjustment, ensuring optimal illumination based on situational requirements.

- Lighting Specs: With a focused 14° lighting angle, the spotlight can effectively illuminate areas up to 1063m² at a distance of 150m, providing substantial coverage. The central illuminance levels ensure that the targeted areas are well-lit, facilitating operations or missions.

- Adjustable Angle: The spotlight's gimbal offers an adjustable angle ranging from 30° to -90°, granting operators the flexibility to direct the light precisely where it's needed.

With the loudspeaker:

- Power and Sound Pressure: With a 10W power output, the loudspeaker can project clear and loud audio. The sound pressure level of 114dB at 1 meter ensures that the messages are conveyed effectively over a considerable distance.

- Broadcasting Distance: The loudspeaker can broadcast messages over distances of ≥300m, making it an invaluable asset for operations requiring distant communication, like when search teams are scouring through mountains looking for lost hikers, or controlling crowds.

- Operating and Storage Temperatures: The combo is built to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -10 ℃ to 50 ℃ during operation and -20 ℃ to 60 ℃ for storage, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions.

Autel Alpha in Action – Where Will It Be Useful?

The drone brings formidable competition in the enterprise drone segment with its camera strengths, flight performance, and durability. It’s set to be used across different fields, including:

·  Agriculture: Farmers face the challenge of efficiently monitoring and managing vast tracts of land. The Autel Alpha, equipped with high-res imaging and thermal cameras, can scan fields, providing detailed insights into crop health and pest infestations. The drone's thermal sensors can detect variations in soil moisture, helping farmers optimize their irrigation schedules and conserve water. This data-driven approach enhances decision-making and yields for precision farming. Managing and monitoring livestock over large areas can be daunting. With the wide-area coverage of the UAV and real-time video feed, you’ll get to ensure your livestock are healthy and safe​​.

· Construction: Traditional surveying methods are time-consuming and often less accurate. The high-resolution cameras od the drone, integrated with mapping software, is set to provide accurate 2D and 3D models for planning and monitoring construction progress.

The drone's zoom and thermal cameras can safely and efficiently inspect structures like bridges, skyscrapers, and wind turbines, identifying potential issues like structural weaknesses or heat leaks – while reducing risks to personnel. Managing materials and equipment across large construction sites can also get complex. Getting an aerial perspective and real-time imaging to track material movement and equipment use will enhance operational efficiency​​​.

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· Security: Securing large perimeters, especially in sensitive areas like borders or industrial complexes, requires constant vigilance. Long-range cameras and autonomous flight paths with the Autel Alpha are set to ensure comprehensive coverage, day and night.

And for search and rescue missions, every second counts. The drone's thermal imaging and night vision capabilities can quickly locate missing persons in challenging terrains, even in low-light conditions.

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