DJI Mavic 3 Classic Drone Flying

This extraordinary piece of technology is not just like the everyday drone, but a dynamic blend of tech brilliance and performance that lets you redefine your aerial adventures. And it’s great for pros and beginners alike! In this blog, we're going to explore the key features of the Mavic 3 Classic, provide handy tips and tricks, and throw in real-world examples of how to get the most out of it. Whether you've just unboxed your new drone or are gearing up for another flight, we're here to boost your confidence and make your flying journey truly extraordinary. Let's get those propellers spinning and have your Mavic 3 Classic soaring high!

Getting Started With Your Mavic 3 Classic 

Initial Setup 

Getting your Mavic 3 Classic ready for its maiden flight involves a couple of steps. First, let's get the aircraft prepped:

Step 1: Take off the storage cover.
Step 2: Check the battery level, turn on the drone, and place it on flat ground. Ensure the rear of the drone faces you.

For the remote controller setup, things get a bit more detailed:


With DJI RC:

Step 1: Remove the control sticks from their storage slots on the remote controller and screw them in.
Step 2: Check the battery level and power on the remote controller.


With DJI RC-N1:

Steps 1 and 2 are the same as with the DJI RC. Additionally,
Step 3: Extend the mobile device holder and pick a suitable remote controller cable based on your mobile device. Then, connect the mobile device, power on the remote controller, and start DJI Fly.

Check out this tutorial for your first use of the drone:

Your First Flight

Once your drone and remote controller are set up, it's time for the thrilling part - your first flight! Here are the basic steps:

1. Open the DJI Fly app and click on the 'Go Fly' button.
2. Use the takeoff button on your screen to lift off.
3. Use the left stick to control the drone's altitude and orientation, and the right stick to move the drone horizontally.
4. When you're ready to land, use the landing button on your screen.

Remember, the key is to remain calm, patient, and always keep your drone within sight.

Understanding Your Mavic 3 Classic - Key Features and How to Use Them 

The Hasselblad Camera: Capturing Life's True Colors

Boasting a stellar 4/3 CMOS 20-megapixel Hasselblad camera, your Mavic 3 Classic is quite the eye in the sky. This camera is more than just high-definition; it's designed to render the true-to-life colors and spectacular details of every frame it captures. It smoothly transitions from a wide f/2.8 aperture for dimly lit scenarios to a narrower f/11 for brightly lit ones, capturing vivid colors, peak highlights, and detailed shadows across different light conditions.

Some handy modes to take advantage of include:


First off is the Hyperlapse mode, which is all about bringing a fresh perspective to your videos. With its different shooting modes - Free, Circle, Course Lock, and Waypoint, you can speed up the footage and create a sense of time flowing faster, perfect for showcasing those long road trips in a dynamic and interesting way.

Picture this: you're on a road trip along the coast. With Hyperlapse, you can create a stunning video that showcases the journey from sunrise to sunset in just a few minutes. Sounds amazing, right?

Night Mode

Night Mode is your ticket to creating breathtaking photos and videos even after the sun goes down. This handy feature lets you use high ISO to capture perfectly exposed shots even in low-light conditions, allowing you to get some serious detail in your night-time flights.

For instance, say you're out exploring the city after dark. Using Night Mode, you can capture the twinkling cityscapes with dramatic contrasts between the illuminated buildings and the darkened sky, all with minimal noise. It's a photographer's dream come true, even if you're just starting out!

Watch this tutorial to learn more on camera functions:

O3+ Transmission System: Going the Distance

In drone operations, maintaining a stable and strong connection with your device is essential. With the O3+ transmission system, your Mavic 3 Classic ensures a seamless 1080p/60fps video feed at a range of up to 15 kilometers. In fact, this is part of the reasons why the drone has landed a spot on the top long-range drones for 2023. Remember, safe and responsible flying always means keeping your drone within your line of sight. 

Intelligent Algorithms: Automation at its Best

What's more exciting about the Mavic 3 Classic is its automation prowess. Here you have features like:


This feature includes Spotlight, ActiveTrack, and Point of Interest modes, all designed to help you keep your subject in the frame without any manual control.

For instance, let's say you're at a soccer match. With FocusTrack, your Mavic 3 Classic keeps your star player in frame, maneuvering deftly as they move across the field. You capture each triumphant moment as if a professional sports videographer—all while enjoying the match yourself!


This is a game-changer for new pilots as it gives you the ability to capture the best shots from any location in just a few minutes. With just a couple of taps, MasterShots records automatically generated shots and creates a video clip based on your settings.

Think about using MasterShots at your next family picnic. The drone will circle around, capturing stunning aerial footage of your family having fun, and then automatically edit the footage into a video clip that's ready to share. It's like having your own personal filmmaker!


Advanced Features of the DJI Mavic 3 Classic

Zooming and Live Streaming

Now let's delve into two spectacular features of the DJI Mavic 3 Classic that will change the way you interact with your environment: digital zooming and live streaming.

Digital zooming is an incredible function, allowing for up to 3X zoom. This feature provides you with the flexibility to frame your shots perfectly from a safe distance. Let's say you're on a wildlife excursion, and you spot an elusive fox in the distance. Rather than getting too close and potentially scaring the creature off, you can hang back and zoom in, capturing all the details without disturbance.

The live streaming feature is another gem that comes with using the DJI RC-N1 remote controller along with your mobile device. You could be at a music concert, drone buzzing above the crowd. With just a few clicks, you can broadcast the live performance directly to your online followers. Do note, however, that live streaming isn't available when using the DJI RC controller. So, to get the most out of your Mavic 3 Classic, you might want to opt for the RC-N1 controller.

Smart RTH

Ever feared losing your drone due to a sudden signal loss? Worry not, because DJI Mavic 3 Classic's got you covered with the Smart Return to Home (RTH) feature. This smart function is initiated either by tapping the RTH icon on the screen or by holding down the RTH button on the remote controller. It's like your drone has a built-in GPS that can guide it home safely if needed. 

So, in case you happen to watch your drone suddenly fly out of signal range due to a gust of wind, don’t panic. Simply initiate the Smart RTH feature. The system scans the area up to 200 meters away and then plots the optimal path back to its launch point.  It immediately begins its journey back to its recorded home point, ensuring a safe return.

Making Your Flight Experience Smooth

Safety Measures: Fly with Confidence

For every drone enthusiast, safety is of paramount importance, not just for the pilot, but also for the drone and others in the vicinity.  In this regard, the drone has got your back with features like the APAS 5.0 system. This has eight visual sensors, detecting obstacles from all directions and skillfully plans routes around them. 


For instance, you could be flying your drone in a dense forest, engrossed in capturing the lush green canopy. It's easy to lose track of the environment and potentially encounter some tree branches. That's where the APAS 5.0 system comes into play, helping your Mavic 3 Classic deftly navigate around the obstacles. 

Here are some safe flying tips to help you make the most of your DJI Mavic 3 Classic.

Flight Environment

The ideal flight environment is critical when flying your DJI Mavic 3 Classic. The optimal environment is wide-open spaces, far from buildings or other obstacles, where you can keep your drone within your line of sight at all times. Be sure to avoid flying over people, animals, or moving vehicles for safety reasons.

Take, for instance, if you are planning to fly in a local park. You must ensure that the park is not crowded, the area is clear of trees or buildings, and the drone is always visible to you. This helps minimize potential risks and ensures a safer flight experience.

Pre-Flight Checklist and Safety Precautions

Before you take off, make sure to follow this safety checklist:

1. Check propellers for secure attachment and absence of damage.
2. Ensure the storage cover is removed and the battery is mounted correctly.
3. Power on the drone and make sure there are no warnings in the app.

Remember to do a self-check and review any warnings in the app. Only once everything is clear, it's time for takeoff.

Finally, be aware that the drone's vision systems may not work effectively over surfaces such as water, extremely dark or transparent surfaces, or monochrome surfaces without clear patterns or texture. Ensure to maintain extra vigilance during such flights.

Regulatory Compliance: Fly Legally

No one wants to get into trouble, right? That's why understanding regulations and obtaining necessary approvals like FAA approval and compliance with European Drone Regulations are crucial. Remember, every region has its own regulations, and it's essential to respect them.

For example, before you can fly your drone over a bustling metropolitan area, you need to get a Remote ID. This isn't just a bureaucratic hoop to jump through - it's a matter of safety and respect for local laws.

Data Security: Protecting Your Creations

We all love capturing those special moments, but what about keeping them safe? Luckily, the Mavic 3 Classic has got you covered with robust data privacy and security measures. And understanding these measures is as essential as understanding your drone's flight mechanics.

The drone never has to be connected to the internet during flight, and all transmission systems are encrypted. That means your footage stays with you and only you, ensuring peace of mind as you create your magic!

Post-Flight Activities: Bringing Your Vision to Life

Post-flight activities are all about enhancing your creativity and seamlessly sharing your incredible footage. Even here, the drone has been designed to enhance your effectiveness.

Cruise Control and QuickShots: Enhance Your Creativity

If you thought the DJI Mavic 3 Classic was only about capturing fantastic visuals, wait till you get a load of the Cruise Control and QuickShots features. 

- The Cruise Control feature allows you to set a steady flight speed, letting you focus more on capturing the perfect shot and less on manually adjusting speed.

- With QuickShots on the other hand you can create professional-quality videos with automated shooting modes, which is pretty amazing!

For instance, imagine you're trying to capture the hustle and bustle of a vibrant city from dusk till dawn. You could use the Cruise Control to maintain a constant speed and the QuickShots feature to shoot a mesmerizing time-lapse video, bringing the city's nightlife to life.

Exporting and Storing Your Footage

Now let's talk about a critical aspect of drone piloting – storing and exporting your footage.

The DJI Mavic 3 Classic comes equipped with 8GB of internal storage, perfect for those times you might forget your memory card at home. Without a microSD card installed, the drone defaults to storing your snaps and video footage in its internal storage.

Speaking of microSD cards, the Mavic 3 Classic supports up to a whopping 256GB. However, not all cards are created equal, and we recommend specific ones that have been stringently tested for optimal performance, such as:

- Sandisk Extreme U3 V30 A1 32GB microSDXC
- Kingston CANVAS GO Plus U3 V30 A2 64GB microSDXC
- Samsung Pro plus V30 U3 V30 A2 256GB microSDXC

Remember the time when you were on a week-long vacation and ran out of storage halfway through? With a hefty 256GB microSD card, you can comfortably capture all your memories without worrying about storage limitations.

High-Speed QuickTransfer: Sharing Made Easy

Lastly, let's touch upon the QuickTransfer function. With this feature, DJI allows you to connect your drone directly with your smartphone, making the transfer of photos and videos from the drone to your phone a breeze. Send images and videos to your mobile phone over Wi-Fi 6 at speeds of up to 80 MB per second.


Say you're at a picturesque beach, and you've just captured some breathtaking aerial shots of the sunset. Instead of waiting to get home to transfer and share these images, you can instantly transfer them to your phone and share them on your social media platforms right then and there. All thanks to QuickTransfer!

Protecting Your Investment with DJI Care Refresh

We've all had that heart-in-mouth moment when our precious drone takes a tumble or has a close encounter with a tree. Well, DJI has got your back. Introducing DJI Care Refresh - the safety net your Mavic 3 Classic needs! This comprehensive protection plan covers accidental damage, including those dreaded flyaways, collisions, and even water damage.

Here's what's included:

- DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan): up to two replacements in one year.

- DJI Care Refresh (2-Year Plan): up to three replacements in two years, extending the original warranty by two years.

FAQs Answered: DJI Mavic 3 Classic

Let's look at common queries by new users about the DJI Mavic 3 Classic:

What sets the DJI Mavic 3 Classic apart from other drones?

The Mavic 3 Classic offers a high-quality Hasselblad camera, a durable 46-minute flight time, and an extensive range provided by the O3+ transmission system. It's a fantastic upgrade for creators seeking top-notch flying camera performance at a more affordable price point.

What makes the Mavic 3 Classic's camera special?

The Hasselblad 4/3 CMOS 20-megapixel camera captures details with extraordinary accuracy, just as the human eye would perceive. Its HLG system for high dynamic range photography generates footage that requires minimal color tuning in post-production, even in low-light scenarios like sunrises and sunsets.

How does the O3+ transmission system improve the flight experience?

The O3+ system provides a robust control and video transmission, displaying top-notch 1080p/60fps video at a range of up to 15 kilometers. Remember, even with this long range, the Mavic 3 Classic should always be flown within the pilot’s line of sight.

How does the ActiveTrack 5.0 system enhance my videos?

ActiveTrack 5.0 uses multiple vision sensors to recognize and lock on to subjects, moving the drone and camera in sync to create professional-quality videos. Imagine capturing an exciting football match with the drone effortlessly tracking and following the players!

What safety measures does Mavic 3 Classic have?

Equipped with eight visual sensors and APAS 5.0 system, Mavic 3 Classic can detect and avoid obstacles. Its advanced Return To Home system can scan the environment from 200 meters away and plot the best path back to its launch point if needed.

Is the Mavic 3 Classic compliant with drone regulations?

Yes, in the U.S., it's approved by the FAA for Remote ID rules, and in Europe, it’s part of the broader Mavic 3 Series that has been issued a C1 certificate under the new European Drone Regulation. Always ensure you're aware of and compliant with your local drone regulations.

How does DJI ensure data security?

Your creations are safe with Mavic 3 Classic. Photos, videos, and flight logs remain private unless you choose to share. The drone doesn’t require an internet connection during flight, and its transmission systems are encrypted, ensuring security and privacy.

What post-flight features does Mavic 3 Classic offer?

With features like Cruise Control and QuickShots, you can enhance your creativity and produce professional videos. After landing, the High-Speed QuickTransfer feature allows you to download images and videos directly to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi 6 at speeds up to 80 MB per second.

What are the key differences between the DJI Mavic 3 Classic combos?

The DJI Mavic 3 Classic (Drone Only) comes without a remote controller or charger, so it's ideal if you already own a DJI RC-N1, DJI RC, or DJI RC Pro. The DJI Mavic 3 Classic combo includes a DJI RC-N1 remote controller, while the DJI Mavic 3 Classic (DJI RC) comes with a DJI RC remote controller. Make your choice based on your existing gear!

How can I adjust the video transmission feed to 48/50/60fps?

Don't sweat it! Once your video recording is set to 30fps or above at any resolution, your live feed's frame rate will automatically adjust to 48/50/60fps. This depends on your mobile phone's decoding ability and transmission bandwidth.

Can two remote controllers control the DJI Mavic 3 Series simultaneously?

Unfortunately, no. The Mavic 3 series doesn't support simultaneous control by two remote controllers.

Have the propellers on the DJI Mavic 3 Series been upgraded?

Absolutely! The propeller structure boasts a new design with the edges made of a softer material. This reduces flight noise and lessens the damage to people or other objects if there's an accident.

What upgrades does the omnidirectional sensing system on the DJI Mavic 3 Series have compared to previous generations?

The Mavic 3 Series' sensing system can detect obstacles in all directions with incredible precision. Its multiple sensing cameras boast a wider detection range, allowing the Mavic 3 to respond to obstacles more proactively.

How has ActiveTrack 5.0 improved from the previous version?

The ActiveTrack 5.0 tracks subjects in eight directions, unlocking more creative possibilities. With the latest subject recognition algorithm, ActiveTrack 5.0 can accurately identify and follow people, vehicles, and animals, even in complex environments.

What is DJI Care Refresh?

DJI Care Refresh is a comprehensive protection plan for your Mavic 3 Classic. It covers accidental damage, including flyaway, collisions, and water damage. For a small additional charge, you can replace your damaged product if an accident occurs.

Is the Mavic 3 Classic suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! With intelligent algorithms like ActiveTrack 5.0 and MasterShots, automated QuickShots shooting modes, safety features, and ease of regulatory compliance, the Mavic 3 Classic is a fantastic choice for new pilots and drone enthusiasts alike.

Your Mavic 3 Classic Adventure Awaits

Alright, new pilots, that's your primer on the amazing DJI Mavic 3 Classic! We've covered the basics, highlighted the key features, and shared some expert tips. Don't be shy, take your drone for a spin and explore the world from a new perspective! Still not got your own Mavic 3 Classic yet? Hurry to DSLRPros online store and make this fantastic drone yours today. Any queries or uncertainties? We're here to assist. Don't hesitate to call us at (877) 299-1075 / (213) 262-9436 or shoot an email to Embrace your pilot journey with the DJI Mavic 3 Classic, happy flying!