DJI drone map rescue statistics

Rescue stats as of July 2023. Source: DJI


Today we look at some exciting news from DJI, the world leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology. With a growing tally of successful rescue missions, drones have once again proven their worth beyond aerial photography and entertainment.

Drones as Life-Savers: Clocking A New High

DJI announced a significant milestone - over 1,000 people have now been saved globally due to the direct involvement of drones! This reaffirms the increasing importance of drone technology in life-saving operations, from locating lost individuals in rough terrains to aiding in risky maritime rescues. It's indeed a cause for celebration for us drone lovers!

Christina Zhang, DJI Senior Director of Corporate Strategy, shared her excitement with us, saying:

"Drones are an essential life-saving tool for search and rescue operators around the world, and it is encouraging to see how civilians with drones often volunteer to help in critical emergencies."

Zhang reminded us that DJI has been diligently compiling drone rescue statistics since 2017, and emphasized the importance of drone technology to the brave men and women who risk their lives in rescue operations.

Track these incidents as they are reported on the DJI Drone Rescue Map

DJI Drone REscue Map as of July 2023DJI Drone REscue Map as of July 2023

600 rescue missions as of July 2023; Spread around the world – Source: DJI

Drones to the Rescue: Stories of Survival

Let's now dive into a few recent exhilarating and inspiring rescue stories where DJI drones swooped in and made the difference!

Stranded Kayaker in Bartlett, New Hampshire

In June 2023, a father and son embarked on a kayaking adventure on the Saco River. Things took a dangerous turn when they capsized, leaving the father stranded while the son managed to return to his vessel. Thanks to a thermal camera drone, the father was found shortly before midnight, cold and wet but safe.

Lost Hikers in Stissing Mountain, New York

Two hikers found themselves lost in the dark in a forest in Stissing Mountain, New York. With the assistance of a drone equipped with a thermal camera and spotlight, search and rescue services found the couple, saving them from a potentially dangerous situation.

Autistic Man Rescued in Tartar, Switzerland

In a unique mission, an autistic man missing from his care home was successfully located by a drone after search dogs couldn't find him. The drone found him in rough terrain, showcasing its capability in diverse rescue operations.

Injured Man in Drezdenko, Poland

A 39-year-old sick man went missing in the woods in Drezdenko, Poland. A drone equipped with a thermal camera was instrumental in locating him in the forest, injured and in need of medical attention. The police acknowledged that the man's life had been at risk and the drone had played a crucial role in saving him.

Foreign Students Rescued in Chapman's Peak, South Africa

Three foreign students, lost in the dark after climbing Chapman's Peak, were rescued with the help of a drone. Unfamiliar with the trail and without torches, they were unable to find their way back. A drone was deployed to locate the students, showcasing how drones can assist in situations involving unfamiliar terrain.


Adam Welsh, DJI Global Head of Policy, expressed gratitude that civilian drones have saved so many lives worldwide and urged the public and stakeholders to spread the word about the benefits of drones. He added:

"We appeal to the public and other stakeholders in society to spread the word how drones can really help and that restricting rescue agencies’ access to this technology - because of lack of funding or for other reasons - puts lives at risk.”


Let's Share More Success Stories!

DJI encourages everyone involved in drone rescues to share their stories. You can submit them through the form at the bottom of the rescue map page. If you or someone you know has been part of a drone rescue, let the world know and keep spreading the positive impact of drones!

Our beloved drones are revolutionizing not just the way we capture our world but also how we protect and save lives. Here's to another 1,000 lives saved, and many more beyond that! 


DJI drone on ground in front of police vehiclesDJI drone on ground in front of police vehicles