Flir Duo Pro R - 336 @ 30Hz / 19mm - Open Box

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  • High resolution thermal imaging
  • 4K visible-light imaging and recording
  • Wide 5-26 VDC power input range
  • MSX blending for greater image detail in daylight conditions
  • Live analog or digital (micro-HDMI) video output
  • On-board GPS receiver, IMU, temperature, humidity, and altitude sensors
  • MAVLink-compatible

NOTE: This product is an open-box item.

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Flir Duo Pro R - 336 @ 30Hz / 19mm - Open Box

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The FLIR Duo™ Pro R revolutionizes any aerial framework into a versatile industrial instrument, broadening its worth and applications. 

Tailored for diverse high-performance scenarios in commercial, industrial, and public safety drone applications, this robust dual-sensor thermal and visible-light imager is a potent addition.

The Duo Pro R, featuring a thermal sensor and a high-definition 4K color video camera seamlessly integrated into a single unit, empowers professional operators to efficiently capture actionable thermal and visible data in a single flight.

Going beyond its top-tier imaging capabilities, the Duo Pro R incorporates an on-board sensor suite, transforming it into an autonomous airborne mapping solution. These fully integrated sensors serve as an on-board data source, supplying all necessary information for creating precise maps and 3D models from an airborne platform. 

Through the geo-tagging of each captured image within the camera, the Duo Pro R simplifies the process and mitigates the challenges associated with complexity, data loss, and latency often encountered when integrating external flight control systems.


  • Lens: 19mm
  • 17°(H) x 13°(V) FoV
  • Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
  • Spectral Band: 7.5 – 13.5 μm
  • Thermal Sensitivity: <50 mK
  • Thermal Sensor Resolution: 336 x 256
  • Frame Rate: 30Hz

Visible Sensor

  • Resolution: 4000 x 3000
  • FoV: 56° x 45°

  • 1x Flir Duo Pro R - 336 @ 30Hz / 19mm - Open Box

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