DJI Zenmuse X9 Lens Mount (M-Mount)

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  • Leica M-Mount Compatibility: Use Leica M-Mount lenses on the Zenmuse X9 camera for diverse cinematic possibilities.
  • For Ronin 4D Camera/Gimbal Combo: Specifically designed for use with the Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 6K or 8K Combo.
  • Interchangeable Lens Mount: Easily replaces the DJI DL lens mount, offering flexibility in lens selection.
  • Expand Lens Options: Broadens the range of lenses available for your cinematic projects.
  • Secure Integration: Designed for seamless compatibility with the Zenmuse X9, maintaining optimal performance and image quality.
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DJI Zenmuse X9 Lens Mount (M-Mount)

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The DJI Zenmuse X9 Lens Mount (M-Mount) opens up a world of creative possibilities for filmmakers and videographers using the Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 6K or 8K Combo. By allowing the use of Leica M-Mount lenses on the Zenmuse X9 camera, this interchangeable lens mount unit significantly expands your lens options, offering unparalleled flexibility and the ability to achieve a wide range of cinematic effects and visuals. Designed to replace the standard DJI DL lens mount on your Zenmuse X9 camera, this dedicated unit seamlessly integrates with the camera system, ensuring a secure and reliable fit while maintaining the camera's high performance and image quality.

Whether you're shooting a feature film, a documentary, or a commercial, the ability to utilize Leica M-Mount lenses with the Zenmuse X9 brings a new level of precision and artistic expression to your work. The combination of Leica's legendary optics with DJI's innovative camera technology allows for stunning visuals, capturing every scene with clarity, depth, and realism.

Category Spec Details
General Compatibility DJI Zenmuse X9
Physical Dimensions Not Specified by Manufacturer
Weight 4.9 oz / 140 g

1x DJI Zenmuse X9 Lens Mount Unit (M-Mount)

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