DJI Mavic Pro

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  • Camera with gimbal stabilization captures 12MP photos and 4K videos
  • OcuSync transmission technology for reliable communication
  • Control range of up to 4.3 miles
  • Flight time of up to 27 minutes
  • Navigation based on GPS and vision position
  • FlightAutonomy system with obstacle detection
  • Control and monitor the drone using the DJI GO app
  • Sport mode enables speeds of up to 40 mph
  • ActiveTrack modes track subjects automatically
  • Control the drone through taps and gestures

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    DJI Mavic Pro
    DJI Mavic Pro

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    The DJI Mavic Pro is a compact quadcopter that offers advanced features and high-resolution imaging capabilities. It utilizes various sensors, including a ground-facing camera, ultrasound, GPS, and redundant IMUs, to ensure precise flight control and collision avoidance. The drone is controlled through the DJI GO mobile app, which provides access to settings, telemetry, live video feed, and video editing capabilities. With OcuSync transmission technology, it can relay signals up to 4.3 miles and transfer data at high speeds.

    The Mavic Pro boasts an efficient design, enabling flight times of up to 27 minutes. Its integrated camera and gimbal provide stabilized 4K and Full HD video recording, along with 12MP still photos in raw or JPEG format. The drone features ActiveTrack subject tracking modes, allowing it to automatically follow and capture footage of subjects without the need for additional accessories. Gesture control enables hands-free operation, including taking selfies.

    The FlightAutonomy system ensures accurate positioning, navigation, and obstacle avoidance through a network of cameras, sensors, and GPS/GLONASS. Precision Landing technology enables the drone to land precisely at its takeoff point. Collision avoidance capabilities and Terrain Follow function enhance flight safety and stability.

    The Mavic Pro offers Sport Mode for increased speed and agility, and it includes dual-sensor redundancy for reliable flight performance. The DJI GO app provides comprehensive control and real-time video streaming to connected devices. Automatic video editing templates and sharing options are available within the app. The drone is compatible with DJI Goggles, providing an immersive first-person view experience. Intelligent Flight Batteries offer advanced power management and protection features, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

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    • 1x Certified Refurbished DJI Mavic Pro - Aircraft Only
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