DJI FlightHub 2 Professional Version (1-Month Plan)

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  • 2,000 minutes of livestream time for 1 month
  • 500GB of cloud storage
  • 3,000 mapping images for 1 month
  • Unlimited project quantity
  • Live annotations
  • One-tap panorama sync
  • 100% cloud-based
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One-month subscription to DJI FlightHub 2 Professional

The DJI FlightHub 2 Professional Version (1-Month Plan) entitles you to enjoy the following major benefits:

  • 2,000 minutes of livestream time for 1 month — Livestream time is calculated based on the total watch time of your audience.
  • 500GB of cloud storage — This storage is available within the validity period of your one-month subscription. Once the storage is full, cloud files can still be downloaded but additional files cannot be uploaded anymore unless you free up some space.
  • 3,000 mapping images for 1 month
  • Unlimited project quantity — You can create an unlimited number of FlightHub 2 projects in an organization

About DJI FlightHub 2

FlightHub 2 is a cloud-based drone operations management software that provides full, real-time situational awareness. Get all of the information you need to plan drone missions, control your fleet, and manage the data you generate from a secure cloud-based environment, all in one convenient location.

2.5D base map

To bring terrain awareness to your operation planning, combine elevation data with satellite maps.

Panorama sync with a single tap

With a single tap, you can create a 360-degree panorama and upload it to the cloud. Shared panoramas are displayed on your mission's 2.5D Base Map, giving all team members rapid aerial awareness.

Cloud mapping

You can create orthomosaic maps of areas up to 1.5 km2 in RGB or infrared color in a single flight. In addition to being automatically superimposed on your 2.5D Base Map, orthomosaics provide you with a detailed awareness of your mission environment whenever it is required.

Mission live streaming

Thanks to low latency, high-resolution live streaming, you can connect numerous users to one or multiple drone operations at the same time and keep teams up to date on the latest developments in real-time.

Live annotations

Save time and resources by highlighting important objects or regions. To ensure that projects are aligned and tasks are distributed on time, annotations are made available to ground teams, pilots, and any other team members. It also enables cloud-based route planning and media management, and it can be used in conjunction with the DJI Dock to conduct remote operations with the drone.


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