DJI DB2000 Intelligent Flight Battery

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  • Extended Flight Time: 38,000 mA capacity for longer operations.
  • Enhanced Durability: Supports up to 1,500 charge cycles.
  • Cold Weather Ready: Self-heating for consistent performance.
  • Efficient Hot-Swapping: Enables battery changes without shutdown.
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DJI DB2000 Intelligent Flight Battery

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The DJI DB2000 Intelligent Flight Battery powers up your DJI FlyCart 30 with a cutting-edge dual-battery system, boasting an unmatched capacity of up to 38,000 mA. It's built to last with up to 1,500 charge cycles, ensuring longevity and reducing the need for frequent replacements. With self-heating capabilities for cold weather reliability and hot-swapping for uninterrupted operation, this battery is engineered to keep your drone flying longer and your missions successful.

Specification Detail
Product Name DJI DB2000 Intelligent Flight Battery
Compatible with DJI FlyCart 30
Battery System Dual-Battery System
Capacity 38,000 mA
Charge Cycles Up to 1,500
Self-Heating Supported
Hot-Swapping Supported

1x DJI DB2000 Intelligent Flight Battery

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