DJI Care Pro 2-Year Plan (DJI Inspire 3)

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  • Two Years of Coverage: Protects against accidental damage, including water and drop incidents.
  • Unlimited Free Repairs: Within the coverage limit, with four free battery replacements included.
  • Annual Factory Maintenance: Ensures your Inspire 3 remains at peak performance.
  • Discounted Flyaway Coverage: Purchase a replacement at a reduced price once per year.
  • Exclusive Technical Support: Access to DJI's expert assistance through dedicated channels.
  • Service Extension Rewards: Convert remaining coverage into discounts for extended protection.
  • Free Two-Way Shipping: For all repairs, ensuring fast and efficient service.
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The DJI Care Pro 2-Year Plan for DJI Inspire 3 delivers unparalleled protection and peace of mind for drone operators, extending comprehensive coverage over two years. This manufacturer service plan is meticulously designed to cover accidental damage such as water and drop incidents, alongside other unforeseen accidents. With this plan, operators are entitled to unlimited free repairs within the coverage limit, equating to the product's Recommended Retail Price (RRP), ensuring your Inspire 3 remains in optimal condition.

In addition to accident coverage, the plan includes one instance of factory maintenance per year, enhancing the drone's longevity and performance. An upgraded benefit of this 2-year plan is the inclusion of four free battery replacements, doubling the offering from the 1-year plan, thus significantly extending your flight time potential. Free two-way shipping is provided for all repairs and maintenance, ensuring a quick return to operation with minimal downtime.

The DJI Care Pro 2-Year Plan also features discounted flyaway coverage, allowing for a replacement purchase at a greatly reduced price once per year, although this does not extend to the lens component. Exclusive technical support via online chat and call service is readily available, offering direct access to expert assistance. Upon the plan's expiration, any remaining coverage limit can be transformed into a discount for DJI Care Pro + or further warranty extensions, offering continuous protection for your investment.

Designed for brand-new, unactivated products or those activated within the last 48 hours, this extended warranty and service plan is an essential investment for all Inspire 3 operators, ensuring your drone is safeguarded against the unexpected and ready for any mission.

Compatibility: DJI Inspire 3

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