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Welcome to the world of aerial photography reimagined with the DJI Air 3, the latest release from the powerhouse of drone tech, DJI. This new drone promises to redefine the way you see the world from above, packed with an ultra-smart dual-camera system, extended air time, and clever features to amp up your aerial game. Here is a review of the DJI Air 3 covering what the drone brings to the table.

Overview of DJI Air 3

As a brand, DJI needs no introduction. Its drones help with public safety, managing crops and livestock, aiding in search and rescue missions, and even making movies.  With the DJI Air 3, the company has once again raised the bar for aerial photography drones.

The jewel in the crown is undoubtedly its twin-camera setup, sporting a 3x medium tele camera and a wide-angle camera. This innovative combination empowers users with greater flexibility and more creative possibilities in their aerial photography pursuits. Whether you're capturing breathtaking landscapes or focusing on subjects in a unique way, the camera system allows you to do it all with ease. 


Exploring the Dual-Camera System

The medium tele camera's claim to fame is its 3x optical zoom, giving your snaps a delicious depth and drawing attention to your subject in a mesmerizing way. That way you can uniquely highlight your subject, making them stand out against the background. This 3x camera has an F2.8 aperture, a pixel size of 2.4μm, and is similar to a 70mm format camera.

Meanwhile, the wide-angle camera is equally impressive, offering a noteworthy F1.7 aperture, pixel size at 2.4μm as well, and a 24mm format equivalent. This camera excels in capturing sweeping landscapes and expansive scenes, giving you aerial shots that are simply bursting with detail.

Camera Capabilities

With the DJI Air 3, you'll enjoy the ability to capture 48MP photos with both cameras. These high-resolution images not only look incredibly sharp but also give you the liberty to crop and recompose to your heart's content after shooting.

When it comes to video capabilities, the DJI Air 3 doesn't disappoint. Both cameras have the same 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor, and you can whip out 4K HDR video at 60fps without cropping (dual native ISO supported). You're in for stunningly vivid footage with exquisite color details and flawless light transitions – like your own personal sky-cinema.

Plus, with support for 10-bit D-Log M and HLG color modes on both cameras, the DJI Air 3 gives you the reins to tweak your visuals in post-production, delivering professional-quality results.

As the cherry on top, the DJI Air 3 is now the first in its class to offer 2.7K vertical video shooting (9:16 aspect ratio). It's a great tool to crank up your social media game, letting you share eye-catching vertical aerial snaps without needing to crop – just point, shoot, and share!

Watch it in action on both cameras here:

Intelligent Features of DJI Air 3

Here are more nifty features that make this drone tick:

FocusTrack for Better Shots

FocusTrack is a set of intelligent modes that allow the Air 3 to keep the subject at the center of the frame, ensuring you get the perfect shot every time. This feature includes: 

- Spotlight 2.0 allows you to lock the camera onto a subject while the drone flies freely, creating stunning aerial footage with the subject always in focus.

- ActiveTrack 5.0 takes tracking to the next level, automatically recognizing and following subjects, making it ideal for capturing fast-paced action scenes.

- Point of Interest 3.0 lets you select a specific object or area as the center of attention, and the drone will automatically fly in a circular path around it, giving you dynamic and eye-catching shots. 

These tracking modes let you record high-quality videos easily without struggling with complex manual controls.

Creative and Convenient Features

The DJI Air 3 also comes with a range of creative and convenient features that inspire creativity and make aerial photography enjoyable for all levels of users.


Want to nail that perfect cinematic shot with minimal effort? Enter QuickShots, offering a menu of camera moves, from Asteroid, Boomerang, and Circle, to Dronie, Helix, and Rocket that can turn any ordinary video into an epic masterpiece.

And then, there's MasterShots. Imagine it as a mini-Martin Scorsese in your drone, handling everything from shooting diverse scenes, syncing them to music, and serving up quality cinematic footage, all without breaking a sweat! 

Love those haunting night-time shots or enchanting time-lapses? With Night Mode and Hyperlapse, your Air 3 can make it happen, even in challenging low-light conditions. 

Plus, with the Slow Motion feature, you can shoot 4K or 1080p videos all at 100fps. This means you can make awesome slow-motion clips that look really detailed!

And the icing on the cake? SmartPhoto 3.0, an intelligent little elf that tweaks your settings based on the scene, whether it's HDR, hyperlight, or scene recognition, ensuring optimal imaging results.

These creative and convenient features unlock your potential as an aerial photographer, inspiring you to capture breathtaking shots with ease and precision.

Confidence in Flying with DJI Air 3

The DJI Air 3 comes loaded with smart features that give you the confidence to fly higher, farther, and safer. One of the most notable aspects that instill confidence in flying this drone is its omnidirectional obstacle sensing system. With fisheye lenses in the front and back, along with binocular lenses and a 3D TOF at the bottom, the drone achieves powerful obstacle detection capabilities.

The omnidirectional obstacle sensing feature ensures that your flights are safer and more secure. Whether you're flying in a crowded area or exploring tight spaces, the Air 3 will actively avoid obstacles using APAS 5.0, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted shooting. Even if you're new to this, you can fly the drone confidently as it helps prevent crashes.

Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing

The DJI Air 3 boasts an impressive omnidirectional obstacle-sensing system, setting it apart from its predecessors. This intelligent feature results in a safer and more secure flight experience for users. With fisheye lenses in the front and back, as well as binocular lenses plus a 3D TOF at the bottom, the Air 3 achieves 360-degree obstacle detection, making it highly adept at avoiding potential collisions.

Navigating through a bustling cityscape or a dense forest? Maybe you’re practicing your indoor flight skills? No worries! The DJI Air 3 remains alert, using APAS 5.0 (Advanced Pilot Assistance System) to maneuver around obstacles.  It's like having a professional aerial choreographer on your team, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted shooting.

This level of obstacle sensing provides peace of mind during flights and allows for more creative exploration of various environments. Even those new to aerial photography can confidently navigate their flights, knowing that the drone is equipped to handle unexpected obstacles.

Enhanced Video Transmission with O4 System

The DJI Air 3 comes with the O4 HD video transmission system, a significant improvement over its predecessors. The system pushes transmission boundaries to up to 20 km, and it does it with flair, ensuring a rock-steady connection – so you should also consider it when shopping for the best long-range drones.

With the O4 system, users can enjoy a max-quality live feed of up to 1080p/60fps, resulting in a smoother and more immersive viewing experience. The increased stability in video transmission avoids stuttering or lag, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning aerial footage without any distractions.

Having a stable and clear live view is crucial for professional aerial photographers and videographers. The O4 system in the DJI Air 3 empowers users to make real-time adjustments to their compositions and camera settings, ensuring they get the perfect shot every time. Whether you're shooting wildlife on safari, action scenes on movie sets, a rolling landscape, or a bustling cityscape, the enhanced video transmission with O4 guarantees you won't miss a single detail, even during long-distance flights.

Amped-Up Flight Time and Battery Bonanza

Why More Air Time is a Win

The DJI Air 3 clocks an impressive 46 minutes of flight time, – a staggering 48% improvement over its siblings in the Air Series. This increased flight time gives you more opportunities to catch that golden sunset, track your buddy's epic mountain bike ride, or tweak your composition to get that award-winning shot without the worry of a short battery life cutting your flight short.

An Evolved Battery Charging Hub

The DJI Air 3 comes equipped with a new battery charging hub that offers a powerful feature called power accumulation. This function allows you to optimize your battery usage when you're in situations with limited charging possibilities.

How? You get to transfer battery juice to the one with the most life left. It basically combines the power from different units to have one fully charged battery, ensuring you get the most out of your flight in remote locations or during outdoor adventures.

This means you won’t have to nervously check your battery status in the middle of nowhere. Whether you're scaling cliffs or biking off-trail, you can keep your eyes on the sky, knowing that the DJI Air 3 is in it for the long haul.  The power accumulation function ensures you can keep capturing stunning aerial shots without any interruptions.

Elevate Your Aerial Photography with DJI Air 3

The DJI Air 3 entry with its dual-primary camera system, intelligent features, and extended flight time will definitely heat up the competition. With the confidence-inspiring omnidirectional obstacle sensing system and enhanced O4 video transmission, you can fly with ease and peace of mind.

From Spielberg-style tracking shots with FocusTrack to adding a dash of Hollywood glamour with QuickShots, the Air 3 opens up a universe of creative opportunities. Whether you're a newbie pilot or a seasoned drone pro, features like MasterShots and SmartPhoto 3.0 inspire creativity and transform every flight into a thrilling adventure.

Add the recommended accessories like the 65W Car Charger, Air 3 ND Filters Set and Fast-charge 100W USB-C Power Adapter to your toolkit and experience the sheer power of DJI Air 3, ready for your next big expedition.

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