Parrot Anafi AI drone

We’re in a new era of long-distance drone flying, all thanks to the cutting-edge 4G connectivity in the Parrot Anafi Ai. This blog will guide you through the significant changes that this innovative feature brings to the table, along with an overview of other remarkable attributes that make the Parrot Anafi AI an investment worth considering. From the integration of autonomous photogrammetry to a spectacular 48 MP camera, the drone has plenty to offer.

With the digital revolution shaping the drone landscape, Parrot Anafi Ai has taken the leap forward with its state-of-the-art 4G connectivity. This technology ensures that you remain connected with your drone anywhere in the world, thereby offering an extraordinary enhancement in long-distance flights.

Firstly, let's delve into the underpinnings of this revolutionary technology. The Parrot Anafi Ai's  connectivity is built on a powerful 4G radio module that works in addition to the Wi-Fi radio. This 4G module provides real-time streaming with a low latency of 300 ms, and offers a 12 Mbps video bitrate. The result is a stunning 1080p video quality streamed with impeccable clarity and detail.

Here's the view when piloting the drone14 km straight over the sea

Banking On 4G To Redefine Boundaries & Elevate Drone Performance 

With the digital revolution shaping the drone landscape, Parrot Anafi Ai has taken the leap forward with its state-of-the-art 4G connectivity. This technology ensures that you remain connected with your drone anywhere in the world, thereby offering an extraordinary enhancement in long-distance flights.

Firstly, let's delve into the underpinnings of this revolutionary technology. The Parrot Anafi Ai's  connectivity is built on a powerful 4G radio module that works in addition to the Wi-Fi radio. This 4G module provides real-time streaming with a low latency of 300 ms, and offers a 12 Mbps video bitrate. The result is a stunning 1080p video quality streamed with impeccable clarity and detail.

For drone enthusiasts and professionals alike, the impact of 4G connectivity on drone operation and video transmission is far-reaching. By enabling BVLos flights (Beyond Visual Line of Sight), Parrot Anafi AI has virtually removed the restrictions of distance and visibility. As the drone remains connected to the internet worldwide, operators can fly it over long distances without experiencing interruptions or connection loss. Notably, the integration of 4G connectivity ensures not only an extended flight range but also provides the ability for in-flight cloud file transfer – no surprise that it landed a solid spot on our picks for the best long-range drones of 2023

Now, let's compare the capabilities of the Wi-Fi radio and 4G radio modules. While Wi-Fi connectivity has its advantages, it often comes with range limitations and can be easily affected by interference, particularly in dense urban environments. In contrast, the 4G radio module in Parrot Anafi Ai enables reliable, low-latency control and video streaming without a range limit, and is largely unaffected by interference. This makes the drone perfectly suited for a diverse range of applications, from aerial cinematography to industrial inspections, search and rescue operations, and much more.

Watch the drone fly though the interference-packed Berlin and still maintain a strong connection:

Precision from Above: The Rise of Autonomous Photogrammetry with Parrot Anafi Ai

Now for the autonomous photogrammetry, an innovative technology that automates the process of capturing high-quality aerial imagery for 3D mapping and modeling. This, coupled with the in-flight file transfer capabilities, and compatibility with the renowned PIX4D Suite sets new standards in large scale mapping and inspections.

At the heart of this transformative technology is the Ai drone's capability to execute flight plans with just a single click. The high-speed performance and accuracy of capturing 48 MP still images at a frequency of 1fps, make this drone twice as fast as its competitors. With a survey-grade accuracy of 0.46cm/px GSD at 30m (100ft), the Parrot Anafi AI drone provides the kind of detailed and accurate data that professionals need.


The Ai drone's photogrammetry capabilities extend to its compatibility with PIX4D Suite. This software, powered by artificial intelligence, recognizes features such as antennas on cell towers, measuring their dimensions, height, down-tilt, azimuth, and plumb.


Such capabilities make photogrammetry using the Anafi AI drone not just efficient but incredibly accurate as well.



Need to learn more about photogrammetry with this drone? Watch our lesson here:

One of the most significant features of the Anafi Ai drone is its in-flight 4G transfer to the PIX4Dcloud. The 4G connectivity allows for uninterrupted, low-latency, high-quality video streaming and data transfer, enabling the continuous capture and upload of high-resolution images. The benefits of this feature are enormous for large scale mapping and inspections where high-resolution data is critical.

The integration of artificial intelligence and cloud file transfer in the Parrot Anafi Ai drone is truly transforming the realm of autonomous photogrammetry. It's not just about changing the way we capture and process aerial imagery but redefining the standards of precision and efficiency in large scale mapping and inspections. With these capabilities, the Parrot Anafi Ai drone is definitely raising the bar for autonomous photogrammetry.

Parrot used the ANAFI Ai drone to map the Italian city of Positano in 3D as a key technical task. The drone covered 100 acres of urban area, capturing nearly 4,800x48 MP of imagery via 4G connection to bypass city interferences. The final 3D model was created using three different software programs and consisted of 800 million triangles.


A New Lens on Reality: Parrot Anafi Ai's 48 MP Camera

Welcome to the world of extreme detail and precision, courtesy of the Parrot Anafi Ai's 48 MP camera. This isn't just about snapping aerial shots, it's about capturing the minute details, the nuanced textures, and the breathtaking landscapes in all their high-definition glory.

The 48 MP camera, with its 1/2" CMOS sensor, is specially designed for photogrammetry and inspection missions. With a Quad Bayer color filter pattern, it provides highly detailed images with a wide dynamic range. Whether you're surveying landscapes or capturing close-up shots of infrastructures, every pixel is a story in itself.

Here's what sets the Parrot Anafi Ai's camera apart:

• Unrivalled Resolution: With its 48 MP sensor, you are not just capturing images; you're creating a map of incredible detail. The Quad Bayer color filter pattern aids in producing stunning, high-resolution stills, so no detail is lost in translation. Whether it's rust spots on a bridge, serial numbers on an equipment, or intricate architectural details, nothing is too small or insignificant.

• Exceptional Sharpness: The camera excels at inspection missions where fine detail is key. Imagine being able to identify minute cracks, connectors, and even serial numbers from a safe distance. This sharpness can be a game-changer in structural inspections, eliminating the risk and cost associated with manual inspections.

• Wide Dynamic Range: Equipped with an impressive 14-stop dynamic range in HDR mode, the camera effectively handles contrast in any light condition. It ensures that images have an optimal gradation, critical for generating consistent point clouds and high-quality 2D or 3D reconstructions. The dynamic range is four times greater than conventional sensors with a regular Bayer matrix.

• 6x Zoom: When distance matters, the 6x zoom comes into play, providing clear and detailed visuals from up to 75 meters away. It's like having a microscope in the sky, picking up details as small as 1 cm at 75 meters (240 ft).

• HDR10 – HDR8: This technology empowers you to capture both photo and video in real-time HDR. This significantly enhances the image quality and provides greater flexibility in post-production editing.

Parrot Anafi Ai's 48 MP camera has raised the bar for aerial imaging, offering more than 55% more detail than 1'' sensors. It's like having a high-powered DSLR in the sky, providing unrivalled detail and precision, and opening up new possibilities for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Embrace the future of high-resolution aerial imaging with the Parrot Anafi Ai's 48 MP camera. It's not just about capturing images; it's about experiencing the world from a new perspective. Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about the unique features of Parrot Anafi AI.

Every pixel tells a story. How will you tell yours?

Synergistic Flight: Leveraging The Power of Industrial Collaborations

In the drone industry, innovation and transformation are a result of collaboration and synergy. With this in mind, Parrot have partnered with top-tier companies in the drone industry to enhance user experience with the Anafi Ai. The ecosystem of partners plays a crucial role in extending the potential uses and applications of this groundbreaking drone.

Take the collaboration with PIX4D for instance. It powers the drone with automated industrial inspection capabilities. By utilizing PIX4D's photogrammetry algorithms, the Parrot Anafi Ai can generate accurate digital twins of mapped surfaces and infrastructures. This feature makes it easier for you to monitor the condition of structures, with computer vision algorithms automatically providing antenna status.

For instance, two ANAFI Ai drones captured 5,400 48MP photos of a powerline in 10 hours, which were used to generate a point cloud with PIX4Dmapper software here:


For flight planning of complex missions, Parrot has teamed up with Drone Harmony. This application optimizes the drone's position to capture the most accurate data, considering the ground level for large-scale topography missions. It also enables flight planning for building facades mapping and industrial infrastructure inspection, a feature that when combined with the Anafi Ai's 4G connectivity, makes mapping in interference-ridden urban areas a breeze.

Hoverseen and Hextronics enable automated monitoring and drone-in-a-box solutions, respectively. With Hoverseen, Parrot ANAFI drones can be used as an automated surveillance solution, deployable from a lightweight docking and charging station. Hextronics, on the other hand, is leading in drone-in-a-box system design and deployment, offering products that support drone autonomy.

Compatibility with UgCS (Universal Ground Control Software) ensures that the drone can be used as part of a professional drone fleet for large-scale surveying projects. Parrot have also have a partnership with UAVIA, providing you with a web-based solution for real-time aerial inspections and surveillance from anywhere in the world, anytime.

In drone fleet management, there are collaborations with DroneSense, Aloft, and Measure. DroneSense is a comprehensive drone software platform widely used by fire and police departments. Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk), unifies the mission, aircraft, and data to ensure safe and reliable drone operations. Measure, on the other hand, offers flight management and planning solutions to ensure harmonization, efficiency, and traceability of manual or automated missions.

Partnership with Textron Systems on the other hand adds augmented reality overlays, object tracking, operational data sharing, mission recording, and report generation to the  list of drone capabilities.

With these partnerships, you get a variety of integrated and powerful solutions that can augment the capabilities of your Parrot Anafi AI drone. Whether it's for surveillance, mapping, or inspection, our collaboration with these industry leaders enhances the utility and versatility of our drones. 

Riding On A Robotic Platform and Open-Source Community

The Parrot Anafi Ai has managed to stand out in the industry thanks to its robust features and an active collaboration with the open-source community. The drone's uniqueness lies in its ability to extend its capabilities far beyond its inbuilt functionalities, allowing developers to code, create apps, and custom missions.

An integral part of the Parrot Anafi Ai platform is its comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK). This includes Ground SDK, which lets developers create mobile apps to control the drone, OpenFlight that allows for the customization of open-source Ground Control Stations (GCS), and Sphinx, an advanced drone simulation tool. The SDK also includes Olympe, a tool for developing Python scripts, and PDrAW for processing video and metadata.

Furthermore, the open-source community plays a crucial role in amplifying the drone's features and functionalities. As open-source has always been at the heart of Parrot's platforms, the Anafi Ai significantly benefits from the innovative solutions developed by this vibrant community. All SDK resources are freely available without registration or tracking on the Parrot Developer Portal, encouraging enthusiastic developers to contribute and improve the drone's capabilities continually.

Developers have the unique opportunity to embed their own code on the drone using Air SDK. They can join thousands of other developers in forums and directly discuss ideas with Parrot engineers, fostering a highly collaborative environment that has accelerated the development of this remarkable drone.

Moreover, the platform's flexibility makes it perfect for a variety of professional applications, from surveillance and mapping to inspections and photogrammetry. By marrying hardware and software, the Anafi Ai is not just a flying machine; it's an unparalleled robotic platform that is pushing the limits of what drones can do.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Measures While You Fly 

Cybersecurity and privacy are of paramount importance when operating drones, especially in an era where data breaches and privacy violations are increasingly common. With Parrot Anafi Ai, you can rest assured your information and your flights are secure. This cutting-edge drone has been designed with comprehensive cybersecurity measures that stand as a fortress against potential threats.

When it comes to data handling, Parrot's firm policy is that no data is shared without the explicit consent of the user. In line with this, Anafi Ai is compliant with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and goes even further, offering a one-click data deletion feature that provides users with total control over their information. If you decide to share data, you'll find that all data processing is fully transparent and described in detail in the Parrot Privacy Policy.



Anafi Ai's commitment to cybersecurity extends to the drone's connectivity. When your drone is connected to the Skycontroller 4 through 4G, the Parrot infrastructure is used to pair the drone and the remote controller securely.

Video transmissions during this connection are encrypted with a key negotiated between the drone and the controller, ensuring that your captured content is secure.



Parrot ANAFI Ai drone and Skycontroller 4Parrot ANAFI Ai drone and Skycontroller 4

ANAFI Ai & Skycontroller 4

One of the crucial components in Anafi Ai’s cybersecurity framework is the Wisekey Secure Element embedded in both the drone and the Skycontroller 4. This element is NIST FIPS140-2 Level 3 compliant and Common Criteria EAL5+ certified, marking it as a highly secure component. It conducts cryptographic operations, stores sensitive information, and protects it from potential threats. A unique feature is the ECDSA private key, with P521 domain parameters, that cannot be extracted from the Secure Element. This private key provides the drone with a unique identity for 4G pairing and strong authentication. Additionally, it digitally signs the pictures taken by the drone to guarantee their authenticity.

When the drone connects via 4G, it undergoes a secure pairing process with the user. After this, the Parrot servers register the association between the user and the drone. If the Wi-Fi connection is lost, the drone automatically connects through 4G, during which it performs strong authentication on Parrot servers using its private key stored in the Secure Element.

Promoting Safety with Geoawareness 

With the emerging landscape of drone technology, safety, and regulation are becoming increasingly important. The Parrot Anafi Ai integrates a cutting-edge feature in FreeFlight 7, known as Geoawareness, that sets a new benchmark for safety in drone operation.

Geoawareness is designed to prioritize safe and legal drone flight. This feature ensures your drone operates within the parameters set by aviation authorities by using GPS coordinates to create a virtual boundary known as geofencing. With Geoawareness, your drone will be aware of no-fly zones such as airports, private property, and sensitive military areas, thereby preventing unintentional infringements.

Moreover, this technology isn't just about adhering to regulations. It also ensures safer operation in crowded or complex environments by alerting the drone to potential collision risks and adjusting the flight path accordingly.

In addition to safety, Geoawareness has practical advantages for professional users. For instance, it can be utilized to confine a drone to a specific area for surveying or mapping tasks, ensuring comprehensive and efficient data collection.

Ultimately, Geoawareness on the Parrot Anafi Ai contributes significantly to responsible, safe, and efficient drone operation, reinforcing DSLRPros' commitment to offering drones that put safety first.

Power-Packed Performance, Just a Click Away 

Embrace the future of drone technology with Parrot Anafi Ai, a revolution in long-distance flights, high-resolution imaging, and safe operations. Combining 4G connectivity, unmatched 48 MP camera quality, industry-leading partnerships, and commitment to cybersecurity, this drone redefines aerial exploration.

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