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Our experts at DSLR Pros have been developing solutions for SAR professionals for half a decade. Our experience in SAR Drones sets us apart from the competition. We understand your missions, use case, operational budgets and support needs. Below you will find the best-in-class payloads, optics and drone platforms for search and rescue. Allow us to provide you with a free consultation and quote.

Victim / Lost Persons Search

Drones provide an aerial vantage point to help cover large amounts of ground. When used with low light or infrared cameras, the drone can see people in low light and other low visibility scenarios.

Payload / Rescue Line Delivery

Throwing a rescue line to a victim in fast moving water or stuck in a ravine is a difficult task, but a drone can quickly and accurately tow a line. Similarly, drones can be used to deliver tools to rescuers in hard to reach places.

Aerial Scene Lighting

Nighttime search and rescue operations are often hampered by the darkness. A SAR drone equipped with special lighting can illuminate large areas from the air to help rescuers locate and navigate.

Post Disaster Survey

Large scale disasters often disrupt the infrastructure of a region. A post disaster survey using drones can give rescuers the information they need to find open roads and locate survivors.

Search and Rescue Payload / Optics

Our carefully curated, best-in-class choices for payloads and optics can address your search and rescue needs ranging from night time operation to long range rescues. Review each of the payload and optics options before proceeding to the drones section where you can select a drone that will be compatible with your payload and optics choices. If you have questions, please schedule a no obligation consultation with one of our drone experts by clicking on the green button at the top of the page and filling out the form.


Dronebase Gemini (HD Video + Thermal Dual Camera)

The Gemini EO+IR dual sensor gimbal for the DJI Matrice 100 comes equipped with an onboard 16MP Sony EXMOR CMOS daylight sensor in-line with a FLIR thermal sensor.

  • 3-axis gyro-stabilized 360 degree continuous rotation movement
  • Plug & Play system with adapter for DJI X-Series gimbal mount
  • DJI Go App Ready with Thermal/Daylight Video Feedback and advanced remote control for FLIR camera (tilt, palettes and digital zoom)
  • FLIR Ready (FLIR VUE, VUE PRO, VUE PRO-R, Tau2, Thermal Capture 1&2)
  • Geotagging System with automatic/manual trigger control, time-lapse and synchronized EO+IR image stills
  • Target Lock, automatically hold the video centered on the scene during movement

Dronebase Gemini Pro (HD 10x Zoom Video + Thermal Dual Camera)

The Gemini IR-HD Pro dual sensor gimbal for the Titan X8 comes equipped with an onboard Full HD 10x optical zoom @ 3MP daylight camera in-line with a FLIR Thermal camera.

  • 3-axis gyro-stabilized 360 degree continuous rotation movement
  • Horizon computation system with dual IMU
  • Onboard Daylight FullHD 3MP camera with 10x optical zoom 4.9 – 49mm
  • FLIR Ready (FLIR VUE, VUE PRO, VUE PRO-R, Tau2, Thermal Capture 1&2)
  • Advanced remote control for FLIR camera (Tilt, palettes, digital zoom..etc)
  • Real-time Geotag System (Optional)

DJI Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera

The DJI Zenmuse XT is a dedicated single IR sensor and integrated gimbal with the FLIR Tau 2 thermal camera at its core. Designed for the DJI Inspire 1, Matrice 100 and Matrice 600 series platforms.

  • Real-time video feed through the DJI Go App
  • Digital Zoom (model dependent: 2x, 4x, 8x)
  • Spot metering and temperature measurement at the mid-point
  • Palette, Scene, Region of Interest and Isotherm Modes
  • Single or interval shooting modes

Lume Cube Lighting Kit

Fully waterproof up to 100 feet, the versatile Lume Cube provides durable high intensity lighting with reliability you can count on.

  • 150 LUX @ 9FT (3M)
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • 2+ hour battery lift at 50%
  • Color temperature of 6000K
  • Mount via GoPro or quarter twenty
stork payload drop system for dji inspire

Stork Payload Drop System

Designed for the Inspire 1, the Stork Payload drop system uses the retractable landing gear system to hold and release a tow line or essential survival gear.

  • Weight: 37 g
  • Payload Capacity: 800 g
  • Release triggered by retracting the lnspire 1 landing gear
  • Can be used for pickup as well


For search and rescue drones, selecting a model revolves around optics, payloads and flight times. You want to select the model that will support the type of optics or payloads you plan to carry. For example, if you plan to tow rescue lines or carry heavy payloads, you would be best served by selecting a larger heavy-lift model. Similarly, running infrared or dual eo/ir payloads will require a specific model that is compatible with those advanced optics.

dji inspire 1 v2.0

DJI Inspire V1 2.0

  • Max Flight Time (No Payload): 22 Minutes
  • Max Payload Capacity: 0.6 kg / 1.5 lbs
  • Max Range: 4 km / 2.7 mi
  • Optic Solutions: X3, X5, XT, Z3, Gemini EO/IR
  • Payload Options: LumeCube, Stork
dji matrice 100

DJI Matrice 100

  • Max Flight Time (No Payload): 34 Minutes
  • Max Payload Capacity: 1 kg / 2.5 lbs
  • Max Range: 4 km / 2.7 mi
  • Optic Solutions: X3, X5, XT, Z3, Z30, Gemini EO/IR
  • Payload Options: LumeCube, ER-Drop Kit

Titan X8

  • Max Flight Time (No Payload): 43 Minutes
  • Max Payload Capacity: 6.5 kg / 13 lbs
  • Max Range: 2 km / 1.5 mi (6 km / 3.7 mi with Data Radio)
  • Optic Solutions: Gemini EO/IR, Gemini IR-HD Pro
  • Payload Options: Night-Star, ER-Drop Kit
  • DJI
  • FLIR
  • Polar Pro
  • Workswell
  • Dronebase