QZ-UAV FT30-P Two-Stage Drop System for DJI M30/M30T

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  • Compatible with DJI M30/M30T UAV
  • Seamless integration with Pilot2 controlling software using PSDK technology
  • Dual-stage thrower with 2Kg hook release capability
  • High-performance digital servo motor with dual-channel operation
  • Compact design with beveled sliding decoupling
  • Manual hook button for real-time operation
  • Warning light interface for expanded functionality
  • Ideal for material delivery and emergency rescue
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QZ-UAV FT30-P Two-Stage Drop System for DJI M30/M30T

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Compact and versatile drop system for Matrice 30 Series

The QZ-UAV FT30-P Two-Stage Drop System is an advanced accessory designed for the DJI Matrice 30 and Matrice 30T UAVs. Utilizing PSDK technology, this dual-stage thrower integrates seamlessly with the Pilot2 controlling software.

It features a single channel capable of driving up to a 2Kg hook release, powered by a dual-channel high-performance digital servo motor. The unique beveled sliding decoupling design minimizes the device's volume without altering the UAV structure.

For added convenience, a manual hook button allows for real-time manual operation. The FT30-P also includes a warning light interface, expanding its functionality for various applications.

Compact and versatile, this drop system is ideal for material delivery, emergency rescue, and other demanding scenarios.

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  • Type of Interface: Type-c
  • Fixed Method: Fix with the bottom screw
  • Loading Method: Manual button control
  • Software Support: Pilot2
  • Status Hours: Supported
  • Outreach: The digital intelligence UART police lights are supported.
  • Control Methods: Pilot2 controls, mapping remote control buttons
  • Control Distance: Be accordance with the UAV communication distance.
  • Applicable Models: DJI M30/ 30T

  • 1x QZ-UAV FT30-P Two-Stage Drop System for DJI M30/M30T

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