PPK Activation License Micasense RedEdge-P

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  • Activates PPK capabilities for Micasense RedEdge-P sensor
  • Enables centimeter-level accuracy in georeferencing
  • Ideal for agriculture, surveying, and environmental monitoring
  • Seamless integration with existing RedEdge-P system
  • Optimizes data collection and analysis processes
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Unlock the full potential of your Micasense RedEdge-P sensor with the PPK Activation License. This license enables precise post-processing kinematic (PPK) capabilities, significantly enhancing the accuracy of your aerial data. Ideal for professionals in agriculture, surveying, and environmental monitoring, PPK technology allows for centimeter-level precision in georeferencing, ensuring highly reliable and accurate results. Easy to activate, this license integrates seamlessly with your existing RedEdge-P system, providing you with advanced tools to optimize your data collection and analysis processes.

1x PPK Activation License Micasense RedEdge-P

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