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Micasense RedEdge-M

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Micasense RedEdge-M


  • Micasense RedEdge-M
  • Micasense RedEdge-M
  • Micasense RedEdge-M

Micasense RedEdge-M

  • Micasense RedEdge-M
  • Micasense RedEdge-M
  • Micasense RedEdge-M

Quick Overview

  • Compact Size

  • Easily integrates with wide range of drones

  • Five spectral bands

  • Global shutter for distortion free images

  • Rugged design

Availability: In stock

Price: $4,900.00


A rugged, built to last, professional multispectral sensor. It captures five discrete spectral bands, and is one of the most flexible solutions on the market.
For RedEdge-M equipped drone packages, visit our Micasense Page
micasense rededge-m
micasense rededge-m
micasense rededge-m
Micasense RedEdge What's Included
  • Weight: 170 grams (6 oz) (includes DLS and cables)
  • Dimensions: 9.4 cm x 6.3 cm x 4.6 cm (3.7 in x 2.5 in x 1.8 in)
  • External Power: 4.2 V DC - 15.6 V DC, 4 W nominal, 8 W peak
  • Spectral Bands: Blue, green, red, red edge, near-IR (global shutter, narrowband)
  • RGB Color Output: Global shutter, aligned with all bands
  • Ground Sample Distance (GSD): 8 cm per pixel (per band) at 120 m (~400 ft) AGL
  • Capture Rate: 1 capture per second (all bands), 12-bit RAW
  • Interfaces: Serial, 10/100/1000 ethernet, removable Wi-Fi, external trigger, GPS, SDHC
  • Field of View: 47.2° HFOV
  • Triggering Options: Timer mode, overlap mode, external trigger mode (PWM, GPIO, serial, and Ethernet options), manual capture mode