Micasense RedEdge-P Blue Multispectral Kit with DJI Skyport

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  • High-Resolution Panchromatic Sensor: Achieves 2 cm/pixel resolution at 60 m altitude for detailed imaging.
  • Synchronized Multispectral Data Capture: Simultaneous capture of up to six bands, including high-resolution RGB and panchromatic.
  • Coastal Blue Band: Ideal for water body analysis and atmospheric monitoring, capturing fine details in challenging conditions.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Tailored for coastal, tidal, and swamp areas, as well as glacier monitoring.
  • Habitat Monitoring and Restoration: Supports conservation efforts in sensitive and inaccessible areas.
  • Species Identification: Facilitates detailed analysis of vegetation health and the identification of various plant and weed species.
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The Micasense RedEdge-P Blue Multispectral Kit, equipped with a DJI Skyport, stands at the forefront of agricultural and environmental technology. Designed for seamless integration with DJI drones, this kit is a powerhouse for professionals in precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, and conservation, providing unparalleled data quality and operational efficiency.

Central to the RedEdge-P Blue's capabilities is its high-resolution panchromatic sensor, which elevates the standard for RGB and multispectral imaging. Achieving a resolution of 2 cm per pixel (0.78 inches per pixel) when flown at 60 m (200 feet), this sensor ensures the clarity and detail necessary for spotting issues early and making informed management decisions across a wide range of applications.

High-Resolution Panchromatic Sensor

The cutting-edge panchromatic imager of the RedEdge-P Blue enhances RGB and multispectral output, offering sharper images that are critical for early detection of problems. This high resolution empowers users to make reliable management decisions with greater confidence, thanks to the detailed view of their subjects, whether in agriculture, environmental monitoring, or conservation.

Main Features

  • Synchronized Capture of Multispectral Data - The RedEdge-P Blue excels in capturing up to six bands simultaneously, including RGB, crop vigor, and composite indices such as NDVI, NDRE, CIR, alongside high-resolution panchromatic data. This synchrony between high-resolution reduction and multispectral data opens the door to more comprehensive analyses and applications, from detailed vegetation health monitoring to precise environmental assessments.
  • Coastal Blue Band for Advanced Analysis - Featuring the coastal blue band (0.433-0.453 µm), the RedEdge-P Blue is adept at low-depth water imaging and detecting fine atmospheric particles like dust and smoke. This sensitivity to subtle spectral differences is invaluable for monitoring chlorophyll concentrations, sediment suspensions, and phytoplankton or algae blooms, providing essential data for environmental and water management professionals.


  • Environmental Monitoring and Water Body Analysis - The kit is tailored for extensive environmental monitoring, including coastal and near-coast water management, tidal zones, swamps, and glaciers. Its precision in capturing the unique characteristics of water bodies makes it indispensable for examining chlorophyll efficiency, analyzing vegetation, and identifying algae or plant species in various aquatic environments.
  • Monitoring, Protection, and Habitat Restoration - With its ability to survey erosion, biodiversity, and reef conditions in shallow waters, the RedEdge-P Blue is a tool for conservation efforts, aiding in the protection and restoration of critical habitats. Its high-resolution imagery supports the monitoring of ecosystems sensitive to human interaction, enabling proactive conservation practices.
  • Identification of Plant and Weed Species - The RedEdge-P Blue also shines in the management of vegetation health and species identification. It provides the capability to differentiate and count plant types, trees, invasive species, and weeds, offering a detailed view of the land for effective management and conservation strategies.

  • Compatibility: Designed for seamless integration with DJI drones via DJI Skyport.
  • Sensor Type: High-resolution panchromatic imager.
  • Imaging Resolution: 2 cm per pixel (0.78 inches per pixel) at 60 m (200 feet) altitude.
  • Spectral Bands:
    • Up to six bands simultaneous capture.
    • Includes RGB, crop vigor, composite indices (NDVI, NDRE, CIR), and panchromatic.
  • Coastal Blue Band: 0.433-0.453 µm, suitable for low-depth water imaging and fine atmospheric particle detection.
  • Applications:
    • Environmental monitoring (coastal, near-coast, tidal zones, swamps, glaciers).
    • Habitat monitoring, protection, and restoration.
    • Vegetation and weed species identification.
  • Features:
    • Calibration panel for accurate data alignment.
    • DLS 2 light sensor for consistent data accuracy under varying light conditions.
    • Includes necessary cables and mounts for easy setup.
    • Rugged, hardshell carrying case for protection and transportation.
  • Operational Enhancements:
    • High-resolution, analytic capability for precise data capture.
    • Synchronized capture between high-resolution reduction and multispectral data.
  • Use Cases:
    • Detailed water body analysis for chlorophyll efficiency and sediment suspension.
    • Monitoring chlorophyll concentrations, sediment suspensions, phytoplankton, and algae blooms.
    • Surveys for examining chlorophyll efficiency, vegetation analysis, and identification of algae or plant species.
    • Inspections related to erosion, biodiversity, and shallow water reef conditions.

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