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Micasense RedEdge-MX

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Micasense RedEdge-MX


Micasense RedEdge-MX

Quick Overview

  • Compact Size

  • Easily integrates with wide range of drones

  • Five spectral bands

  • Global shutter for distortion free images

  • Updated aluminum design for improved ruggedness and heat dissipation

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This agriculture-specific multispectral sensor camera from Micasense can be attached to almost any drone, allowing it to perform aerial crop scouting missions to identify problems such as nutrient deficiencies, diseases, and irrigation issues. The RedEdge-MX captures five narrow spectral bands: red, green, blue, red edge, and near-infrared, allowing agricultural professionals to collect accurate, repeatable measurements to perform advanced analysis on plant and soil health.

Precision and Durability

The RedEdge-MX offers 8cm/pixel resolution at 400ft, ensuring high-quality images, with a capture rate of 1/sec (in all bands). It also boasts a new DLS 2 with embedded GPS for enhanced light calibration, providing improved precision. A removable WiFi module, and SD card slot offer flexibility and control in data management, storage, and transfer. Multiple trigger modes (including timer mode, overlap mode, manual capture mode, and an external trigger button) mean you have control of when and how the camera shoots.

The rugged design, with a metal casing and no moving parts, means that the RedEdge-MX is suited to even the harshest environments. Able to operate in temperatures up to 60℃ (140℉), this sensor is as tough as you need it to be for the work you need it to do.

Multi-Layered Results

Analysis is made precise and accurate through multiple layered outputs. These layers allow you to easily compare one location over months and seasons to observe and analyze trends. Layers include a Chlorophyll Map to measure plant health and vigor, a Digital Surface Model (DSM) to evaluate surface properties and water flow, an NDVI layer to compare reflectance of the red and near-infrared band, and the RGB layer which includes narrowband red, green, and blue bands. The RedEdge-MX global shutter ensures that images are distortion-free and aligned to all visible and non-visible bands and vegetation indices. Data obtained with the RedEdge-MX, is in your control, giving you the ability to choose the best data processing platform for your needs. This means you can use the data the way you want, to get the information you need to inform best practice decision-making.

Easy & Flexible Integration

The lightweight (170 grams) and low power requirement of the RedEdge-MX make it a non-taxing payload for most drones. It integrates with practically any drone on the market, making it easy to make your drone a reliable tool to improve your current agricultural practices, improving productivity and success. And the ability to capture multiple layers of spectral bands in one flight means more efficient use of your time.

micasense rededge-m

What's in the Box

  • RedEdge-MX
  • Downwelling Light Sensor 2 (DLS2)
  • GPS/Mag module
  • Calibrated Reflectance Panel
  • Hard carrying case


  • Weight: 170 grams (6 oz) (includes DLS and cables)
  • Dimensions: 9.4 cm x 6.3 cm x 4.6 cm (3.7 in x 2.5 in x 1.8 in)
  • External Power: 4.2 V DC - 15.6 V DC, 4 W nominal, 8 W peak
  • Spectral Bands: Blue, green, red, red edge, near-IR (global shutter, narrowband)
  • RGB Color Output: Global shutter, aligned with all bands
  • Ground Sample Distance (GSD): 8 cm per pixel (per band) at 120 m (~400 ft) AGL
  • Capture Rate: 1 capture per second (all bands), 12-bit RAW
  • Interfaces: Serial, 10/100/1000 ethernet, removable Wi-Fi, external trigger, GPS, SDHC
  • Field of View: 47.2° HFOV
  • Triggering Options: Timer mode, overlap mode, external trigger mode (PWM, GPIO, serial, and Ethernet options), manual capture mode

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