GoProfessional Cases DJI Matrice 600 Case

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  • Compatible with the Matrice 600
  • Foam is housed in a high end SKB military spec case
  • UV, solvent, corrosion and fungus resistant (MIL-STD-810F)
  • Complete gasket seal makes this case watertight
  • Resistant to impact damage
  • Stainless steel locking loops for customer supplied lock
  • Made in the USA

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    GoProfessional Cases DJI Matrice 600 Case
    GoProfessional Cases DJI Matrice 600 Case

    In stock


    The DJI Matrice 600 Pro case from GoProfessional is made by and for professionals. The case is designed with precision water jet engineered foam and housed in a premium military/industrial grade SKB case. With tons of storage cavities for twelve M600 batteries, four Ronin MX batteries, Sunshades, Manuals/booklets, Ronin accessories, Follow focus accessories, two iPads, X5R case, and three charging hubs with chargers, this is the ideal case for all jobs.

    Can Fit:
    • M600 or M600 Pro
    • Landing Gear
    • Ronin MX Battery
    • Accessory Storage
    • Ronin Support
    • M600 Battery
    • Accessory Cavity
    • M600 Battery
    • 180w/100w Charger
    • Charger Cable Storage
    • Charging Hub
    • Follow Focus
    • iPad Air or Mini
    • Ronin-MX Controller
    • M600 Radio
    • M600 or M600 Pro
    • Removable Wheel Storage
    • Wireless Lens Control
    • X5/X3 Camera Box or Hex Charging Hub

    This case is oversized and does not qualify for free shipping.

    • Exterior Length: 31 in
    • Exterior Width: 30.75 in
    • Exterior Depth: 29.53 in
    • Interior Length: 27 in
    • Interior Width: 27 in
    • Interior Depth: 27 in
    • Weight: 61 lb
    • Shipping Weight: 67 lb

    • 1x DJI Matrice 600 Case

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