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Gimbals & Stabilizers

dji osmo series

DJI Osmo Series

The DJI Osmo works with the Zenmuse series gimbal cameras and the Osmo Mobile works with most smart phones. The gimbal camera can detach from the base handle and mix-and-match for future upgradeability.

  • - 3-axis gyro-stabilized 360 degree movement
  • - Plug & Play system with adapter for DJI X-Series gimbal mount
  • - Control and record using DJI GO app
  • - Compact and lightweight for easy transport and travel
  • - Perfect for indie film makers or amateur home video enthusiasts
dji ronin series

DJI Ronin Series

The DJI Ronin series was built for larger video production cameras such as RED and ARRI lines. The stabilizers can be mounted to a vehicle or drown or hand held by a camera operator in multiple configurations.

  • - SmoothTrack™ algorithms ensure movements are smooth
  • - Designed to resist high G-forces using powerful motors and IMUs
  • - Rotate 360° continuously when mounted to aircraft or vehicles
  • - Lightbridge 2 for long-range HD video transmission up to 3.1miles
  • - Engineered for professionals
dji zenmuse series

DJI Zenmuse Series

The DJI Zenmuse series of gimbals and cameras are engineered for aerial video production and aerial drone imaging. The Zenmuse series is compatible with the DJI Inspire, S Series and Matrice Series drone platform series on a model-by-model basis. A select number of Zenmuse cameras can also be used in conjunction with the DJI Osmo series.

  • - Full spectrum video and still photo capabilities
  • - Fly DSLR or mirrorless cameras with the Z15 models
  • - Thermal drone  imaging with the XT models
  • - 30x optical zoom lense on the Z30 mdoel
dji zenmuse series

Feiyutech Gimbals and Stabilizers

Feiyutech is a leading innovator in aerial gimbal and hand-held stabilizer technology. Their high-quality products are compatible with a wide range of sensors, cameras and drones.

  • - Wide range of persona and professional products
  • - Aerial gimbals designed to work with multiple types of drone models
  • - DSLR Pros low price guarantee ensures you get the very best deal
  • DJI
  • FLIR
  • Polar Pro
  • Workswell
  • Dronebase