Freewell (Mist Edition) 82mm Threaded Variable ND Filter Standard Day 2 to 5 Stop

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  • 82mm variable ND filter
  • Offers 2 to 5 stops of exposure reduction
  • Incorporates 1/8 VND mist diffusion
  • Effectively darkens the entire image
  • Provides enhanced control over exposure settings
  • Enables reduction of shutter speeds
  • Allows for wider aperture settings
  • Constructed with high-quality optical glass
  • Features an advanced 18-layer multi-coating
  • Includes a protective hard case and cleaning cloth
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The Freewell Mist Edition Threaded Bright Day Variable ND Filter is an 82mm filter with adjustable 2 to 5 f-stop neutral density capabilities, complemented by a 1/8 VMD layer for mist diffusion. This filter effectively darkens the entire image, enabling you to capture photos with wider apertures or slower shutter speeds than typically possible. This versatility allows for a shallower depth of field or extended shutter speeds, perfect for achieving creative image blurring effects.

For video shooting, the filter provides precise control over frame rates, exposure, and depth of field, enhancing the quality of your video content. You can easily adjust the density by rotating the front filter ring, which is marked with numeric stop values and provides tactile feedback clicks at each setting.

The additional 1/8 VND layer reduces digital sharpness while enhancing the presence of light bloom, all without compromising overall image sharpness.

Crafted from multi-coated optical glass, this filter maintains excellent optical clarity. Its slim design ensures compatibility with lenses as wide as 16mm without causing vignetting, making it a versatile tool for photographers and videographers alike.

Specs Details
Filter Type Variable ND with Soft FX Diffusion
Density 0.6 (2-Stop) to 1.5 (5-Stop)
Circular Size 82 mm Filter Thread
Rotating Yes
Front Accessory Thread / Bayonet Unthreaded
Coatings Multi-Coating
Physical Features Slim
Filter Material Glass
Knurling Side

  • 1x Freewell Mist Edition Threaded Bright Day Variable ND Filter (2-5 Stops, 82mm)
  • 1x Hard Case
  • 1x Lens Cap
  • 1x Cleaning Cloth
  • 1x Limited Lifetime Warranty

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