Flir Duo Pro R

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  • Dual-Sensor Imaging
  • High resolution thermal and 4K color imagers
  • Fully integrated GPS, IMU, magnetometer, and barometer embed all the metadata in still images needed to create accurate maps.
  • Multiple Display Options
  • Configure and control the camera in the air with up to three PWM inputs, or interface to MAVLink devices.
  • With a wide power input range of 5-26VDC and ready analog or HDMI digital video outputs, Duo Pro R can be made to fit almost any drone.
  • Records digital thermal video and stills to two dedicated on-board microSD cards.

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Flir Duo Pro R dual sensor camera

Real-Time Thermal and Color Videos

This groundbreaking dual-sensor camera provides high-quality radiometric thermal and visible light imaging. The compact size and lightweight packaging make the FLIR Duo R an ideal camera for drone payloads, and is easily compatible with most gimbal systems.

Similar to its predecessor the FLIR Duo, the FLIR Duo R is a small-action-sized camera with big capabilities. The FLIR Duo and FLIR Duo R share features such as real-time remote camera control, and onboard recording. Upgraded features of the FLIR Duo R offer greater precision, accuracy and calibrated temperature measurements in every pixel, to meet the demands of thermal drone experts. This upgraded quality means improved visibility and more accurate data during contactless aerial temperature measurements.

The small and powerful FLIR Duo R weighs in at an impressive 84 grams, with camera body measuring only 41x59x29.6mm. Despite the small size, quality is not compromised, as the camera offers +/-5°C or 5% accuracy in thermal measurement reading, and can capture color video at 1080p, and uses a Lepton thermal sensor to achieve 2 megapixels of thermal video in 160x120 resolution.

Radiometric Thermal Images

Not only does the FLIR Duo R provide high-quality, pixel-by-pixel thermal videos, it can also capture thermal still images during an aerial survey. These images are often necessary for later analysis, review and record keeping.

Flexible In-Flight Image Viewing

Operators are not limited to a single viewing or recording mode during flight, but can switch between color and thermal views, and can also view output in picture-in-picture (PIP) mode. This flexibility allows you to perform multiple activities at once (for example, you can configure settings, while still viewing the live video feed pinned in one corner of the screen). The MSX® Blended feature also provides the ability to see clearer, more detailed images of your thermal data in daylight conditions.

Remote Controller and Live Video Outputs

Real-time remote control of camera functions such as start/stop recording, selection of image color palettes, still image capture, and video streaming are all available with the FLIR Duo R, powered by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). The FLIR Duo R provides two options for live video output - analog video via a built-in 10-pin mini-USB connector, or alternately digital video via a micro-HDMI connector. With the Duo R it’s now easier than ever to record long videos, with H.264 compression, and rapid export of MOV format files to the onboard microSD card. The wide 5-26 VDC input power range of the Duo R also makes it easy to integrate with onboard systems.


The Duo R is highly compatible with most action camera rigs and mounts, including aerial solutions. And unlike many other dual thermal/visible sensor cameras, it allows MAVLink integration with MAVLink-compatible controllers and cameras through the FLIR Duo mobile app via bluetooth.

FLIR Duo Pro R Specifications

Image Processing & Display Controls
Imaging Modes IR-only, Vis-only, Picture-in-Picture (IR in Vis)
MSX Image Enhancement? Yes
Multiple Color Palettes? Yes – Adjustable in App and via PWM
IMU Sensor  
Other Sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Barometer
USB 3.0 Power in, USB Mass Storage
10-Pin Accessory Port Power in, Analog Video Out, PWM, MAVLink
Micro-HDMI Digital Video Out
Input Voltage 5.5 - 26.0 VDC (10-pin JST Port)
5.0 VDC (USB-C Port)
Power Dissipation (avg) 12 W
Remote Control? Yes - PWM (3 channels), MAVLink
MAVLink interface? Yes
Digital Video Output 1080p60, 1080p30, 720p60
Mounting Features 1/4”-20 TPI Tripod Mounts (qty 2, bottom surface)
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature Range -20°C to +60°C
Operational Altitude +38,000 feet
Overview Duo Pro R 640 Duo Pro R 336
Thermal Imager Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Spectral Band 7.5 – 13.5 μm
Thermal Sensitivty <50 mK
Thermal Sensor Resolution Options 640 x 512 336 x 256
Thermal Lens Options 13 mm: 45° x 37° 9 mm: 35° x 27°
19 mm: 32° x 26° 13 mm: 25° x 19°
25 mm: 25° x 20° 19 mm: 17° x 13°
Thermal Frame Rate 30 Hz
Visible Sensor Resolution 4000 x 3000
Visible Camera FOV's 56° x 45°
Measurement Accuracy +/- 5 C or 5% of readings in the -25°C to +135°C range
+/- 20 C or 20% of readings in the -40°C to +550°C range
Physical Attributes
Size 87 × 82 × 69 mm
Weight 325 g - 375 g (640-25 mm only) 325 g


  • Duo Pro R
  • Integration Cable
  • Bench Cable
  • USB Type-A to Type-C Cable
  • Includes GPS antenna
  • Includes (2) 64GB microSD cards

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