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FREE 1-day in-person training with each DJI Mavic Enterprise Advanced Fleet Package order  FREE 1-day in-person training with each DJI Mavic Enterprise Advanced Fleet Package order

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The Fleet Advantage

Redundancy: Any pause in operations for your drone, whether for scheduled maintenance or repairs, can severely hamper your capabilities, costing time and even endangering lives. Having more than one drone on hand can help ensure that the loss of a single aircraft won’t hamstring your effectiveness. In addition, the compatibility of shared accessories between aircraft will allow for additional redundancy.

Continuous Operation: The DSLRPros Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Urban Fleet kit allows for continuous operation with zero downtime - critical for situations that require constant aerial monitoring. You get eight total batteries and two chargers, allowing for continuous charging. Your mission will never be grounded due to a lack of battery power. If one drone’s battery gets low, operators can bring the second drone up in the air before bringing the first drone down to change batteries, ensuring no gap in coverage.

Increased Coverage: One Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is already a force multiplier on its own. Having two or more of these in deployment will turbo-charge your operational effectiveness exponentially. More drones in the sky mean even greater situational awareness and even more ground covered in a shorter time frame. The ability to deploy identical drone packages to multiple pilots in varying locations allows for simultaneous missions while maintaining consistent operational protocols between teams or operators.

Confidence and Peace of Mind: The DSLRPRos Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Urban Fleet Package includes the DJI Care Enterprise Basic Plan, which can cover your drone (subject to terms and conditions) for accidental damage such as crashes, water damage, or signal interference. This comprehensive accident protection service on offer means greater peace of mind for your entire DJI enterprise fleet.
As with any fleet, proper management is crucial to the health of the program. The Airdata UAV fleet management software that comes with this package provides an additional layer of security. This powerful software for your drones gives you further information regarding your fleet’s performance at any time. Track critical flight information, maintenance cycles and get notifications on equipment and the environment that can harm flight performance.


1 Day In-Person Training at Your Location Included

For a limited time only, included with the purchase of each DSLRPros DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Fleet Package is DSLRPros’ 1 Day In-Person Training Session. This in-depth and hands-on instructional program will familiarize you with the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, and teach you how to get the most out of your craft while flying safely and confidently. One of our knowledgeable and experienced flight instructors will travel to your location at a time that is convenient for you or your team and demonstrate how to get started flying and using the most exciting features that the M2EA has to offer.
For those who are interested in learning even more about using the M2EA as well as specific use case training, DSLRPros offers an optional second day of custom-tailored training at a reduced price when booked with the complimentary one-day training. Learning how to operate your Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced safely and effectively is the best way to maximize your investment, and get the most out of this amazing tool.

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