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DSLRPros Inspire 1 FPV Camera Upgrade

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DSLRPros Inspire 1 FPV Camera Upgrade

DSLRPros Inspire 1 FPV Camera Upgrade


  • Our Inspire 1 FPV Kit uses a high quality Sony CCD camera

  • Plug-and-play installation

  • We provide after purchase support

  • Step-by-step install guide (link below)

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With the DSLRPros DIY Inspire 1 FPV Upgrade, your pilot has access to a dedicated camera. The addition of a Pilot's Camera allows you to have more freedom of flight and movement. Having an additional optical FPV camera allows the use of a thermal camera, such as the DJI Zenmuse XT, without the limitation of strictly infrared view. Adding on the FPV Camera upgrade creates a complete EO/IR solution. This upgrade goes beyond adding additional optical views for thermal uses, but it really shines when put into a dual pilot set up. The pilot will have their own camera while another operator can control the craft's gimbal and camera to capture epic footage.

Our Inspire 1 FPV Kit uses a high-quality Sony CCD camera. The mount that attaches the FPV camera to your Inspire has tilting action, allowing you to adjust it between flights to ensure you get the right angle and field of view. The video transmitter is a reliable 5.8Ghz 400mW video transmitter. Lightweight yet powerful. The included dual monitor mount for your controller lets you view two monitors at the same time, getting vision from both cameras.

The Inspire 1 FPV Camera Upgrade is a DSLRPros exclusive, and one of our most popular products!

Please note: Unless you already own the FlySight Black Pearl Diversity 7" Monitor, it will be a necessary add-on for this kit.


What's in the Box

  • 1x DSLRPros Custom FPV Pilot Camera
  • 1x DSLRPros Custom FPV Video Transmitter
  • 1x DSLRPros Custom Inspire 1 Mount (only compatible with Inspire 1 V2.0 and Pro)
  • 1x DSLRPros Custom Dual Monitor Adapter for Inspire 1 Remote
  • 1x Power Cable Harness
  • All necessary mounting hardware
  • Connector cables for the Inspire 1
  • Dual Lock
  • Detailed instructions on installation and operation
  • FREE: Shotgun antenna for increased signal range

  • OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Black Pearl 7" FPV Diversity Monitor
  • Specification

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